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Precision Force Control Technology Solves Industry Pain Points, and the latest application case highlighted at 2022 high tech integrator Exhibition.

Precision Force Control or Precision Soft Force Control Technology Solves Industry Pain Points and highlighted at 2022 high tech integrator Exhibition in Shenzhen. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects.

On August 3-4, the 2022 (fifth) high tech robot integrator conference and top 10 integrator award ceremony held in Shenzhen came to a perfect conclusion. At this grand gathering of integrators connecting upstream and downstream enterprises and integrating the resources of the whole industry, Tallman Robotics attended as the conference partner and displayed a set of Precision Force Control that attracted the attention of the whole audience ® 2.0 application case module of precision force control applied to IPEX terminal precision press fitting.

Precision Force Control

Industry difficulty: difficult to realize automatic IPEX terminal press fitting
In 3C electronic industry, most of the production processes have been highly automated. However, IPEX line terminal press fitting, which is a common and important process, has always been able to rely on manual press fitting. The metal head of IPEX terminal is tiny and easy to deform, and the port to be pressed in is also small. If there is a slight position error, the terminal cannot be pressed in. Moreover, the terminal is clamped after being pressed in and cannot be pulled out again. Therefore, the accuracy of position accuracy and force control is extremely high. If there is a slight difference, the yield of the whole machine will be affected. For a long time, a production line often needs the high cooperation of multiple workers to complete.
This problem is solved by SoftForce of Tallman ® 2.0 Precision Force Control technology, combined with precision force control actuators, can be easily solved.

Precision Force Control

SoftForce ® Precision force control technology: solving industry problems

Precision Soft Force Control

This solution adopts softforce of Tallman ® Precision force control technology, TM-CEU drive control integrated servo controller, precision force control type electric slide table (TM-rpla-f) and micro electric gripper (TM-mgbd) are assembled. Through advanced control algorithm and high-speed algorithm efficiency, flexible clamping terminals (force control accuracy ± 0.01N) are realized. After rapid and accurate automatic positioning of precision force control, flexible press fitting is performed. The whole process is completed in only 6S, and the workpiece is not damaged.

The overall scheme is simple in structure, efficient and stable, greatly saving production space, and providing better and simplified “machine replacement” solutions for integrators.

This scheme can also be connected to the visual positioning system to further improve the completion efficiency; Equipped with Tallman Robotics process monitoring software platform, it can collect process data in real time, monitor and optimize process flow, which is helpful to process optimization and realize intelligent and visual production.

Industry leading SoftForce ®Precision Force Controltechnology
SoftForce ® The precision force control technology, which was first developed and launched by the Tallman Tobotics technical team in 2019, not only has the force accuracy reached the highest 0.01N in the industry, but also the processing frequency is as high as 10000hz, which perfectly solves the contradiction between output and speed. It can maintain stable output even at high speed, and can effectively handle impact force, ensuring “no overshoot” under high-frequency and high-speed motion. Based on this leading core technology, the actuators under Tallman robotics are widely used in flexible pressing / clamping, load transfer, assembly, press fitting, fitting, flexible polishing, reliability testing and strength testing of ultra precision, small and fragile parts.

At the conference, Tallman Robotics also showed a series of independently developed, stable and reliable actuator products, including precision force controlled push rod, high-precision and high-speed voice coil actuator, micro electric gripper, and three prevention gripper with safety protection grade of IP67.
Tallman Robotics’ leading Precision Force Control technology and a series of actuator products with complete categories, rich strokes and powerful functions provide a “more intelligent, compatible, flexible and reliable” one-stop precision motion control system and actuator solution for 3C electronics, semiconductors, biomedicine, automobile assembly and other precision manufacturing fields.