Hollow Rotary Tables are Finished for Clients from Australia.

Precision Hollow Rotary Tables, heavy duty hollow rotary tables will be ready fro delivery to Australia.

Hollow rotary platform is a reducer product.

Precision Hollow Rotary Tables are used in a variety of rotary motion occasions. It can replace DD motor and cam divider. A balance is achieved between the two. The repeated positioning accuracy is ≤ 5 seconds. The motor is easily configured and the load is stable.

Hollow Rotary Platforms can be matched with AC servo motor or stepper motor for arbitrary angle segmentation. It can not only meet the digital control that the divider cannot achieve, but also have positioning accuracy comparable to that of DD motor.

Rotary table of the hollow rotary platform is a hollow structure, and the servo motor is connected at the side, which is convenient for the installation of gas pipes and wires in the smelting tool.




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