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Precision Linear Stages Have Been Ready For Delivery to Germany

Precision Linear Stages, or precision motorized linear stages, high precision motorized linear stages, Have Been Ready For Delivery to Germany. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects.

Precision Linear Stages

Guide rail embedded module (Precision Linear Stages), the new product has been improved on the existing basis in terms of design structure, sliding seat rigidity, sealing and dust prevention. It can be adapted to the mainstream servo and stepping motors in the market. There are more upgradeable models with built-in drive control integration, which meet the more needs of different customers.
Guide rail embedded module
Rigid lifting of sliding seat:
The body and the sliding seat are integrated to improve the poor rigidity of the original sliding seat.
Optimized torque characteristics and stronger rigidity:
The torque characteristics are greatly enhanced, the load displacement is reduced, and the rigidity is stronger.
Installation dimensions are compatible:
It can adapt to the general installation dimensions at home and abroad.
The installation size of aluminum base and slide can be customized.
Full tightness and dust prevention of steel belt:
High flexibility steel belt structure, durable.
The fully enclosed structure reduces the entry of foreign matters and prevents the internal grease from being thrown out. It can be used in the bad environment of the clean room.
Time saving and convenient assembly:
The slide cover and coupling cover are designed without screws, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly.
The screws can be fixed from top to bottom or from bottom to top without removing the steel belt.
The installation datum bearing is added on the side of the body.
There is a locating pin hole at the bottom of the body.
Suitable for mainstream motor:
Suitable for mainstream servo and stepping motor.
The motor can be directly connected, installed on the left side, right side and bottom side.
External photoelectric sensor.
Customers can choose the motor brand according to their own needs.
External oiling design:
The whole series can be externally oiled, and the screw rod and guide rail can be lubricated at the same time without removing the cover.
Embedded guide rail structure:
The base and slide of the module are made of aluminum extruded profiles. After the embedded guide rail is grinded, the straightness and rigidity are greatly improved.
Drive control integrated module
The drive control integrated module, based on the advantages of the guide rail embedded module, integrates the guide rail embedded module, servo motor and drive controller.
Small size, high integration and simple wiring simplify the electrical design of customers and meet their more space needs.
Low voltage servo drive control integrated system:
Support low voltage dc24~48v range.
There is no need to configure additional drives and controllers for the drive control integrated device, and you can choose the built-in or external drive control integrated device.
It supports EtherCAT, can bus and RS-485 communication.
Support external pulse signal, i/o signal 5 in 3 out.
Incremental encoder and absolute encoder can be selected. The absolute encoder has a built-in battery, and the origin can be maintained after power failure.
Intelligent motion control software:
PLC ladder diagram programming and motion control functions can flexibly realize various motion modes without external signals.
It has the choice of position mode, speed mode and torque mode.
Online real-time monitoring of pulse signals, i/o signals and status information of drive control body machine.