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Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators from Tallman Robotics Limited. Rack is a mechanical part matched with gear for transmission. It is divided into straight rack and helical rack, which are matched with straight cylindrical gear and helical cylindrical gear respectively.

Model NoTMG135-CM

Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators



Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators


Motor Power (W)400
Repeatability (mm)±0.01/±0.02
Gear Teeth22
Gear Pitch5
Deceleration Ratio1:5
Lead (mm)22
Max Speed(mm/s) 


at Motor Speed 3000(rpm/min)
Max     Load



Rated Thrust56
Linear guide (mm)15*12.5-2

Origin Sensor


Out plugEE-SX672(NPN-SX672P(PNP)
Application Environment Type Open for general /

clean environment

Fully-closed for dust/

waterdrop environment

Rack and Pinion transmission in Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators is a transmission mode in which gears cooperate with racks. When the gear is active, the rotary motion can be changed into linear motion; When the rack is active, the linear motion can be changed into rotary motion. Rack and pinion transmission can be used in elevator, track system, automobile steering system, machine tool and actuator feed mechanism and other fields.

Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators, Rack and pinion transmission module, as one of the five transmission modes (screw, linear motor, synchronous belt and steel belt), have the following characteristics:
It can ensure constant instantaneous transmission ratio, good transmission stability, accurate and reliable transmission motion servo, large transmission power and circumferential speed range, high transmission efficiency, compact structure, small volume and long service life.
Large load, high speed, long service life and long stroke. Aluminum guide rail and rack support splicing, and the longest effective stroke can reach 50m
When the gear and rack mesh, the rack moves in a straight line while the gear rotates. When the stroke of linear motion of Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators exceeds 2m, considering the economy, gear rack transmission can be selected.

Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators can be used in dirty environment to transmit large axial force. The axial force transmitted by the rack is related to whether the lubrication is sufficient, whether the force is uniform, the moving speed and the safety factor.
Compared with screw, the efficiency of rack and pinion transmission is higher, but when the manufacturing accuracy is not high, the transmission stability and accuracy are poor.
Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators are suitable for material handling machinery, automobile industry, woodworking and furniture industry.

Feature of our design of Rack and Pinion Linear Modules from Tallman Robotics.

Rack and Pinion Linear Actuators

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