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Relationship Among Three Concepts: Linear Module, Rectangular Coordinate Robot and Industrial Robot

Linear module is also called rectangular coordinate robot and industrial manipulator, or the basic unit of rectangular coordinate robot is module slide.

Industrial robots are divided into rectangular coordinate type, cylindrical coordinate type, spherical coordinate type and joint type according to the form of arm movement. According to the structural form, functional characteristics, application field and programming coordinate system, industrial robots are divided into joint robot, mobile robot, underwater robot, welding robot and rectangular coordinate robot, Cartesian coordinate robot is one of the categories of industrial robots.

With the rapid development of industrial automation, the industrial robot industry is changing with each passing day, and rectangular coordinate robots are increasingly appearing in all links of the field of automatic production. Its structure and working principle is that the linear module corresponds to each linear motion axis (x axis, Y axis and Z axis) in the rectangular coordinate system to form a multi-dimensional degree of freedom motion space with an included angle of right angles, so as to complete multi-structure, multi-functional, flexible and complex motion trajectories and execution actions.

The Cartesian coordinate robot is mainly composed of four modules: linear motion unit, driving system, control system and end operation unit.
According to different application scenarios and equipment requirements, it can be combined into several types of application cases with different dimensions (two axis, three axis, four axis, six axis, etc.), different strokes, different loads and various structures (cross type, cantilever type, gantry type, wall mounted type, etc.).

The main features of rectangular coordinate robot include:
It can be arbitrarily combined into multiple structures, multiple loads and multiple strokes
High speed and high precision, the maximum speed can reach 8000mm / s, and the accuracy range is 0.01mm ~ 0.05mm
Multi axis mechanism combined with end operation tools can complete very complex execution tracks and actions
Repeatable programming and automatic control
Exquisite and beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy installation, operation and maintenance
It can be customized according to user’s requirements
Therefore, as a cost-effective, simple structure, flexible and multi-functional automation system solution, rectangular coordinate robot is more and more widely used in all walks of life to complete many tasks such as handling, loading and unloading, assembly, packaging, sorting, cutting, welding, spraying and so on.