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Robot linear slide systems are automation devices that allow a robot to move linearly along a fixed track or rail. Robot Linear Slide Systems provide additional degrees of freedom for the robot, enabling it to access a wider work envelope.  Robot Linear Slide Systems can be powered electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically to move the robot along the axis.


Linear rail or track: Provides the fixed path along which the robot moves.
Carriage or slide: Mounts the robot and travels along the rail.
Drive mechanism: Can be a ball screw, belt, or rack-and-pinion system to propel the carriage.
Motor: Provides the motive force to drive the carriage along the rail.
Controllers: Manage the motion control and positioning of the linear slide system.

Material handling: Transferring parts or products between workstations.
Assembly operations: Providing access to different areas of an assembly line.
Inspection and testing: Allowing robots to access and inspect parts from multiple angles.
Machine tending: Automating the loading and unloading of CNC machines.
Packaging and palletizing: Positioning products for packaging or palletizing.

Electric Linear Motion Actuators Electric Linear Motion Actuators

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