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Rotating Electric Cylinder is a product that integrates the servo motor and screw rod, converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion, amplifies the precise speed control of the servo motor, and repeats the precise position control. It is a landmark product to achieve high-precision linear motion.

Application characteristics of rotary electric cylinder:
Precise control, reduce loss
High transmission efficiency, programmed setting of acceleration control, accurate and controllable
Rotating design
It adopts an integrated and highly integrated design, which “combines” the servo motor and the ball screw, effectively saves internal space, solves the load problem, and speeds up the transmission efficiency to a certain extent. The rotation function creates more possibilities for the product, with high sensitivity and high degree of freedom.
High precision alignment and high yield
The repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.001mm and the operation range of ± 360 ° ensure the flexible and stable output of products under high-speed operation and ensure the production yield to a certain extent.

Rotating cylinders Rotating electric cylinders Rotating cylinder

Detailed Technical Parameters of rotating cylinder :




Size number



Rotating Stroke (mm)



Reduction Ratio



Max speed (/s)



Max torque of rotation ( N.m )


Allowable moment of inertia ( kg.m2 )



Repeatability ( °  )


Allowable thrust load ( kg )


Allowable load moment  ( N.m )





Rated voltage (V)


Rated current (a)



Mass (kg)



Recommended environment

0 ~ 40 ℃, below 85% RH (without condensation)

Degree of protection


Remark:The rotation stroke is ± 1,000R, and the unit r is a circle.

Rotating Electric Cylinder is a kind of fixture components, belonging to the category of clamping cylinder. It is mainly used for the tooling and fixtures of mechanical processing or electronic product processing with high degree of automation. It is mainly used for tightening up.

Rotating Electric Cylinder is an integrated product of servo motor and screw rod. It has the characteristics of hybrid, compact, lightweight and miniaturized structure. It has a small volume and an effective operating range of ± 360 °. The application of micro ball screw spline can synchronously realize the rotary motion and hollow motion.

Rotary electric cylinder has the advantages of simple structure, high transmission efficiency, accurate control and good synchronization. The products are mainly applicable to 3C, semiconductor and medical fields. They are also used for IC chip angle adjustment, mobile phone lens assembly, mobile phone labeling, actuator for test tube, multi head dispensing components, etc.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of electronic technology, customers’ demand for product quality is gradually moving towards high-density, high-precision, multi-function, three-dimensional and intelligent. Only by accelerating the improvement of product quality and increasing the rate of good products can we occupy a place in the fierce market competition.

Advantages of electric rotary cylinder: as a kind of high-tech, electric rotary cylinder is loved by engineers in recent years. Powerful function and high flexibility No matter where it is, it can be accurately positioned to improve the mechanical production efficiency, which can be described as a variety of functions. It can be seamlessly connected with manual system equipment and integrated into various manufacturing industries. And the mechanical life is long, which reflects the high cost performance.

Introduction to electric rotary cylinder: firstly, this is a high-tech equipment in the mechanical field, which is used in a wide range of fields. It is a kind of electric cylinder, which is called electric rotary cylinder in industry. The electric cylinder has a large thrust and is generally an important helper for major projects, such as the aerospace and rocket projects made in China. In terms of automobile manufacturing, the electric cylinder needs to be regularly inspected and sometimes reinstalled for use. Regularly check whether the piston rod and screw are loose and whether the lubricating oil supply is sufficient. The quality is very good. The mechanical life is higher than that of other manufacturers. It is practical to maintain the value.

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