Rotating Electric Grippers Replace Pneumatic Clamping Jaw

Rotating Electric Grippers from our company have won popularity in global markets.

Rotating Electric Grippers

We have developed a series of servo electric grippers and cylinders, Servo gripper, Servo push rod, Servo slide, Voice coil motor, Linear motor in just a few years, such as micro electric grippers, servo grippers, micro servo grippers, long stroke grippers, flip grippers, double claw micro grippers, three claw micro grippers, etc. Rich control and complete models are suitable for all industrial / collaborative robots at home and abroad, and can also meet the application needs of different industries and multiple scenarios.

Rotating Electric Grippers

High open I / O, easy to realize ” Replaces Pneumatic Clamping Jaw “

Consistent with the genes of all TM servo grippers, TM Rotating Electric Gripper is in the leading position in control system. After years of R&D, Tallman Robotics technical team has independently developed TM-CEP drive control integrated controller, which has the features as follows:
Hybrid force position (force, position and speed can be controlled at the same time)
Support Three in one control by Pulse, I / O and Bus control (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet / IP, CANopen and PROFINET);
Support secondary development,
Provide complete SDK / API,
This greatly reduces the development cost of users.

TM integrated Rotating Electric Grippers integrate the powerful functions of the controller inside, and The I / O function is highly open, thus Customers can customize trigger action. Meanwhile, this Integrated electric gripper can be controlled in the form of pneumatic battery valve to quickly and conveniently realize ” Replaces Pneumatic Clamping Jaw ” (all TM servo electric grippers can).

It is widely used in various industrial scenes.

In order to further improve the production capacity and yield, industrial automation is rapidly moving towards industrial digital automation. In addition to the traditional robot replacing manual operation, it also needs to carry out production data acquisition and analysis, automatic adjustment of production processes and comprehensive automation of production lines. Nowadays, TM Rotating Electric Grippers can be seen everywhere in industrial applications.

TM rotary gripper is often used in medical automatic testing equipment. Clamping, capping and displacement of test tubes are usually completed by electric rotary gripper, and the capping torque is compatible with test tubes of different sizes. It is still stable under high-speed and long-term operation

With the surge in the demand for large-scale nucleic acid detection, TM rotary gripper is widely used in automatic nucleic acid detection instruments to replace hands to unscrew, tighten and clamp the test tube cover, so as to alleviate the stiffness of the shoulders caused by the nucleic acid detection personnel when unscrewing and tightening thousands of test tubes every day; It can also reduce the risk of new Covid-19 infection, realize rapid and safe detection, and greatly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid detection.

(TM rotary gripper can be combined with ordinary two axis servo gripper and push rod to form a complete set of test tube capping device. Under ultra-high speed operation, it can stably output large force capping without affecting the speed. It can be widely used in biomedical, chemical laboratory and other fields.)
TM integrated rotary gripper can Simply write the motion command to complete the offline operation by TM control software system, and can realize program control without motion control card, single chip microcomputer and PLC, this can save hardware cost.

2.Automobile Assembly
TM rotary clamping claw has the characteristics of longer clamping force, large torque, and rich strokes, thus it can really reach infinite rotation. Clamping force by 20-100n is for option, Clamping force on one side is up to 200N and max torque is up to 3nm. At the same time, Our Rotating grippers have high rigidity and long service life, When the maximum peak clamping force and torque are maintained for a long time, there will be no gap. Therefore, a large number of customers have chosen TM rotary grippers to work with six axis manipulator to apply in tightening engine valves, oil pump valves and other processes.

Rotating Electric Grippers

(TM rotary gripper series supports force level hybrid control, can freely set torque and position, can read position, output and other parameters in real time, and generate force level and force time curves. It is widely used in torque life test of knob switch.)

In recent years, the gears of some high-end cars have adopted more convenient and fast electric control knob type. The performance of TM rotary gripper in knob torque detection is trusted by many large automobile manufacturers. Torque detection is used to judge the service life and stability of the knob. Generally, measurement and testing in industry has high requirements for the actuator software, and the software is required for data monitoring.
TM rotary gripper has unique advantages in control. It can provide a perfect secondary development package, After receiving our Rotating Electric Grippers, customers can directly implant it into the general control system for development and commissioning, This greatly reduces the development cost of enterprises. Accurate data detection can effectively improve the yield of products. Similar applications also include the life detection of gear switches and other rotary switches.

3.Optics and Industrial Chemistry
TM rotary gripper has many unique applications in the fields of optics, industrial automation and so on. For example, workpiece rotary dispensing, workpiece torque measurement and testing, unmanned debugging of measuring instruments, etc. By using TM rotary clamping claw and cooperating with the mechanical arm, the oscilloscope can be controlled to measure and detect by accurately controlling the position and torque of the commissioning switch, Unmanned automatic testing can be realized through software control.

In the loading and unloading of some hardware workpieces, due to the concave convex of the material plate and various shapes of workpieces (such as triangle, heterosexual, etc.), the angle of workpieces needs to be adjusted to accurately load and unload. TM rotary gripper is equipped with a rich and friendly control system. Combined with the sliding table, it can form a simple single axis robot to accurately load and unload the workpiece after adjusting the angle, Intelligent grasping can be realized without expensive robots. This solution greatly reduces the cost of production equipment.

(TM rotary gripper integrates the two functions of rotation and clamping. The discrete control does not interfere with each other. It can open and close quickly at ultra-high speed. The rotation repetition accuracy is as high as ± 0.5 °, and the clamping repetition accuracy is as high as ± 0.02mm. The gripper can complete the rotation and grasping tasks more quickly and accurately, meet the occasions of high frequency and high precision, and can deal with clamping, capping, transportation and other operations.)

Winding device is also a common industrial application, which has certain process requirements. In the past, customers used one or two stepping motors or servo motors to wind wires through mechanical design. When changing other products, they can only adjust the coordination by changing the mechanical equipment. Now customers use TM rotary clamping claw to realise Digital control, and the winding mode can be programmed and adjusted, which is suitable for winding coils of different sizes.

4.Unmanned storage
TM rotating electric grippers are widely used in cloud logistics, unmanned storage, etc. for example, it can clamp and place files, blade batteries, etc. through simple position adjustment.

5.Cosmetics and food production
TM rotating electric grippers are also used to replace pneumatic gripper to tighten cosmetic medicine bottles, test tube covers, etc in production workshop. In the past, pneumatic can not ensure that each bottle is tightened, and the yield can only reach 85% – 90%. The flexible clamping and rotation of TM rotary clamping claw can adapt to bottle caps of different sizes. Even the thick cover like shower gel cover can be tightened, which greatly improves the yield of the production line. In other words, the high torque of TM rotating clamping jaw.

(super torque of TM rotating clamping jaw)

Independent R&D, Super cost-effective,

It has always been the goal of Tallman robotics and its technical team to improve domestic self-sufficiency rate of parts in domestic precision manufacturing industry and provide users with more humanized, much easier to use and more open one-stop servo cylinder software and hardware solutions. Tallman Robotics has a scientific research team with rich experience in process software and algorithms. It adheres to independent research and development and continuously cultivates and polishes. The integrated TM rotary clamping claw is simple, durable, reliable and precise, which lays a foundation for users to manufacture intelligent and automatic systems.

“With the deepening understanding of different industries and application scenarios, Tallman Robotics will focus on solving the landing problems of customers’ actual application scenarios, provide one-stop hardware and software solutions to effectively meet customers’ needs, and create greater added value for customers”——Said TallMan Robotics CEO Tallman.

Tallman Robotics Limited, a leading supplier of Precision Motion Control Systems and Components, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It is committed to providing one-stop servo electric grippers, cylinders and system solutions for customers all over the world.

As one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the field of intelligent motion system, Tallman Robotics has mastered the core technology of precision motion control (softforce) through independent R&D (High Precision Force Control Technology). Tallman Robotics has founded the brand of “Tallman robotics”, and has independently developed and produced a series of precision electromechanical parts such as intelligent electric cylinders, electric clamping jaws, VCM voice coil motor drivers and linear motor drivers. With the characteristics of reliable quality, high precision, low cost, easy use and convenient maintenance, TM series products have a rising share of electric grippers in China. Electric grippers are widely used in precision industrial manufacturing fields such as 3C electronics, semiconductors, photovoltaic new energy, lithium batteries, biomedicine, aerospace technology and intelligent manufacturing.

Tallman Robotics has become the premium brand supplier of servo electric grippers among many industry leading customers.



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