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Screw Driven Actuators are Ready for Delivery to France.

Screw Driven Actuators

Lead Screw Driven Actuators from Tallman Robotics Limited have been finished and will be delivered to France. Screw Driven Linear Modules are ball screw driven linear actuators or Linear modules which are driven by ball screws, can also termed as Screw Driven Linear Actuators or Screw Driven Linear Modules.

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How to judge the performance of Lead Screw Driven Actuators including Screw Driven Linear Modules?
In industrial production, the degree of automation has become an important standard to measure the strength of an enterprise, in which the application of linear slide module plays a decisive role. There are many types and models of slide modules, so you can’t choose blindly, let alone install at will.

Four factors should be considered for a good linear slide or Lead Screw Driven Actuators:
1、 Whether the core components screw rod and linear guide rail are of high specification.
2、 Aluminum profile is also a key component,
3、 The screw support seat should be of precision grade,
4、 Drive part motor.

The process of maintaining the linear slide module or Screw Driven Actuators generally starts from the use. As long as the operation is carried out according to the correct steps, the service life will not be affected. The inspection can be carried out periodically in the working stage. If there is damage, the key problem should be found in time or whether the operation is wrong should be investigated and dealt with. Generally, it takes 3 to 6 months to clean the inside, inject lubricating grease into the guide screw, and replace the consumable parts.