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Servo Electric Gripper with Combination of Soft and Hard Highlights Intelligent Grasping

Servo Electric Gripper, with its high outstanding advantages in industry automation, In recent years, more and more enterprises use robots for precision press fitting, polishing, non-destructive clamping, screen fitting, fine thermal welding and life test. Its quality directly depends on the accuracy of robot force control. In this case, the electric clamping claw should be born.
“Compared with the pneumatic gripper,Servo Electric Gripper can be digitally controlled to easily and accurately control the speed, position and clamping force. Through vector control and dynamic compensation, the electric gripper can realize force control at high beat.” Jack, marketing director of Tallman robotics, said.

Servo Electric Gripper

Combination of hard and soft breaks the situation of intelligent capture

As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on precision motion control systems and components, integrating R & D, production and sales, with the practical experience of a strong technical team in various industrial fields, Tallman Robotics independently developed and produced a series of intelligent servo electric cylinder products, including not only Servo Electric Grippers, but also different types of servo push rod and servo slide, And VCM voice coil motor driver, linear motor driver and other precision electromechanical parts. Diversified and complete one-stop servo electric cylinder hardware products and simple and easy to operate software system can provide excellent performance, high reliability and cost-effective electric cylinder assembly module solutions for customers in different industries and different complex application scenarios, so as to effectively solve customers’ practical problems. Tallman robotics has strong technical R & D and product innovation capabilities, won more than 40 knowledge patents, and passed ISO, CE and ROHS certification to provide customers with confidence in product quality.

Among them, TM Servo Electric Grippers, as the core product of augmented intelligence, creatively replace the end effector of industrial robot from the traditional cylinder gripper with complex gas circuit to the integrated electric gripper, and endows it with more functions and operability in Tallman Robotics’ Servo Electric Grippers.

At present, there are not many electric gripper products on the market, but there are large and small problems, mainly manifested in the lack of stability and reliability of Servo Electric Grippers. In this regard, Tallman, CEO of Tallman robotics, said: “the service life of the electric gripper and the anti-interference ability in harsh environment are the key factors affecting the customer’s use experience. To do these well, we need to break through the intelligent electric cylinder technology behind the electric gripper, which puts forward high requirements for the manufacturer’s self-research ability of software and hardware.”

Servo Electric Gripper

In terms of hardware, the TM controller of Tallman robotics not only integrates the independently developed flexible pressure control technology, but also has a variety of practical functions such as multiple communication modes, force position hybrid control, multi language secondary programming development and so on, which comprehensively improves the production efficiency.

In terms of software, Tallman robotics has developed TM software platform, which does not need any code, adopts form filling programming, selects a variety of command types, and freely adjusts the execution order; Built in more than 10 powerful application functions such as “vibration suppression and self-tuning” independently developed; Multiple “one key operation” functions to improve control flexibility.

Respond to market demand and develop sensitive and fast electric gripper

With the support of software and hardware, Tallman robotics Servo Electric Grippers stands out from many homogeneous products.

Control cycle reached μ S level
During the working process of Servo Electric Gripper, the response speed to the control directly determines its grasping speed and accuracy. Compared with the control cycle of MS level in the same industry, Servo Electric Gripper of Tallman robotics can achieve μ S level, which can not only quickly deal with the change of force, but also take into account the speed and accuracy of movement, so as to realize high-efficiency operation in high dynamic and high change rate scenes.

The force control accuracy is ± 0.01N
Tallman robotics independently developed and mastered the core technology of precision motion control (softforce ® High precision force control technology), and the force control accuracy can be up to ± 0.01N.
The production process of an international famous watch involves the coil clamping and positioning process. Because the coil wire diameter is only 0.8mm, it is required to quickly and stably hold and can not deform the coil. In the past, it was generally operated by trained and skilled workers, resulting in low efficiency and high defect rate.
In order to solve the customer’s pain points, Tallman robotics test found that the coil clamping force should be strictly controlled between 0.33n-0.36n. “To this end, we have launched a series of precision force control Servo Electric Gripper with force control accuracy up to ± 0.01N, which not only realizes efficient clamping, but also greatly reduces the defect rate, completely solves the process problem, and reaches the leading level in the industry at home and abroad.” Tallman robotics market leader Tallman said.

Servo Electric Gripper

The gripping force covers a wide range to realize “one claw for multiple purposes”
For most electric gripper manufacturers, in order to grasp objects with large load span, different types of electric grippers must be replaced to meet the requirements of factory operation. Servo Electric Gripper of Tallman robotics can not only stably output a small force of 0.2N, clamp parts with fragile surface such as chips, but also be competent to grasp workpieces weighing up to 10kg, truly realize “one claw multi-purpose”, and save a lot of costs for customers while improving work flexibility.
Adaptive clamping
Servo Electric Gripper of Tallman robotics can automatically clamp objects of various shapes with adaptive force without changing the clamping speed. Even when the electric clamping claw clamps vulnerable eggs, small electronic components, small heat sinks, etc., it can be as natural and free as human hands.

Up to now, Tallman robotics has everything from micro high-speed to TM Servo Electric Gripper with 50kg large load and large stroke. “In 2021, in addition to the highest accuracy of 0.01N control precision electric clamping clamps, we also introduced high-precision constant distance levitation technology to achieve the highest 0.01mm constant distance accuracy. Based on the TM integrated rotary clamp for nucleic acid detection, COVID-19 launched a solution to solve the customer’s troubled points.” Jack, marketing director of Tallman robotics, added.

Due to its many leading advantages in technology, the force controlled Servo Electric Gripper of Tallman robotics has been recognized and supported by a large number of customers such as Huawei, Foxconn, Dajiang, lingyizhizao, Bozhong Seiko, saiteng, Shunyu optics, Delong laser and so on since it was put into the market.

Based on the core technology of precision motion control (softforce) independently developed and leading the industry ® Tallman robotics provides customers around the world with a variety of one-stop precision servo cylinder products and system solutions to help upgrade and develop industrial intelligence.

Tallman robotics, a leading provider of precision motion control systems and components, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It is committed to providing global customers with precision motion solutions and intelligent manufacturing of precision motion parts.

As one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the field of intelligent motion system, the company has mastered the core technology of precision motion control (softforce) through independent research and development ® High precision force control technology), founded “Tallman Robotics” ®” Brand, through independent research and development, we have independently produced a series of precision electromechanical parts such as intelligent electric cylinder, Servo Electric Gripper, electric clamping claw, VCM voice coil motor driver and linear motor driver. With the characteristics of reliable quality, high precision, low cost, easy to use and convenient maintenance, Tallman robotics series products have an increasing share of Servo Electric Gripper in China. The products are widely used in precision industrial manufacturing fields such as 3C electronics, semiconductor, lithium battery manufacturing and testing, biomedicine, aerospace technology and intelligent manufacturing.