Single Axis Actuators for Clients from India are finished and will be ready for delivery.

Single Axis Actuators from Tallman Robotics Limited for Clients from India are finished and will be ready for delivery.

Do you know how to store Single Axis Stages?

First of all, let’s look at the storage environment of the slide module/Single Axis Actuators. The normal temperature and boring environment should be what our manufacturers and dealers need for depositing modules. This is because the ball screw and linear guide rail that determine the accuracy of modules need such an environment, and the application of lubricating oil is often related to the environment.

In fact, if we store the module in a low-temperature environment, it will easily lead to the rust problem of the module screw rod and linear guide rail, because there will be a lot of moisture in the low-temperature environment, and if rust occurs, it will inevitably affect the fineness, operation speed and service life of the slide module. Now let’s introduce the problems we should pay attention to in the application of the lower linear slide module.
1、 When depositing and installing
When depositing high-quality linear slide, it should be placed flat and properly packaged to avoid exposure to high and low temperature and wet environment. Try to avoid falling or collision during handling. It shall be locked during the installation to avoid loosening. In addition, when installing the coupling and motor, remember not to force the installation or disassemble and refit the linear slide by yourself, so as to avoid entering foreign matters or falling objects into the module, resulting in abnormal use or safety problems.
2、 During operation
During operation, the additional conditions recorded in the catalogue, such as speed and load, shall be followed to avoid successful use or safety accidents. Foreign matters such as dust and chips shall be avoided from invading the ball circulation system, resulting in damage, reduction of service life or abnormal function.
If it needs to be used in special environments such as strong vibration, vacuum chamber, dust-free chamber, corrosive chemicals, organic solvents or agents, high or low temperature, wet splash, oil droplets, oil mist, high salinity, load, etc., consult the manufacturer in advance and select the appropriate module group.
3、 During maintenance
Fill up the lubricating oil before one application, pay attention to the type of oil, and remember that different lubricating oils cannot be mixed. Under normal operation, it is recommended to regularly check the working conditions, remove the accumulated dirt and make up the lubricating oil. The slide rail and screw rod should be handled carefully.

Above, we not only understand the storage problem ofSingle Axis Actuators, but also further understand the problems that should be paid attention to under various conditions of module storage, device, application and maintenance. Regular maintenance and inspection of module application are also necessary for manufacturer’s production. If you have problems in the application of Single Axis Stages, you can contact us directly.



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