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Single Axis Linear Module is ready for delivery

Single Axis Linear module is finished by Tallman Robotics Limited, and will ready for delivery.

How to prevent rust of screw guide rail in singel axis linear modules?

Single axis linear module automation industry has always been widely used, not only in factories, but also in daily life.

However, rust will inevitably appear in the process of use, which will affect its service life and positioning accuracy.

However, most of the reasons for the rust of the linear module are caused by our improper use. Now let’s learn how to avoid rust in the process of using the linear module with Xiaobian.
When using the linear touch group, it must be used at room temperature to avoid mixing with lame objects as far as possible; If you have sweat on your hands during use, do not touch the guide rail directly. If you have touched the guide rail with sweaty hands, remember to wipe a layer of antirust oil on the linear touch group.

In order to better prevent singe axis linear module from rusting and prolong its service life, wipe the antirust oil on the sliding table of the linear module after use, which can play a certain role in protection and lubrication.

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