Single Axis Linear Motion for Australian Client is Being Processed

Single Axis Linear Motion from Tallman Robotics for An Australian Client is under test and will be delivered. You are welcome to visit our video centre to watch more projects and application from Tallman Robotics.

Single Axis Linear Motion

It is applicable to electronic equipment parts transfer / positioning / spraying industry, etc. Compared with multi joint industrial robots, the only action of the precision positioning module is to make the slide move back and forth.

However, the precision Single Axis Linear Motione can perform automatic work such as workpiece positioning, clamping, handling, insertion, spraying and coating, dispensing, gluing, sealing, loading, assembly, detection and measurement, cutting, loading and unloading, drilling, welding and so on.

Although it lacks certain flexibility compared with multi joint industrial robots, in general industrial production, as long as the action and running track of the production process is linear, the precision Single Axis Linear Motion can be competent, and the cost is very considerable.

Therefore, in the division of labor production process of most Single Axis Linear Motion forms, the precision positioning module can be assembled into mechanical equipment with different axes to complete a process independently, Or it can be installed on the multi joint robot as an auxiliary device to complete the production task.

It can be seen that the precision positioning module has very good independence and compatibility in industrial production. Therefore, I think the development of precision positioning module is directly proportional to the development of multi joint robot.

In China’s industrial robot market in 2020, robots used for machining grew the fastest, reaching 44%. The sales of robots used for loading and unloading, spraying, handling and welding increased by 28%, 25%, 20% and 7% respectively.

The International Federation of robots (IFR) predicts that by 2025, the market demand of robots in China will reach 700000, accounting for 26.9% of the global proportion, becoming the largest market in the world.

The shift from industrial production to intelligent automatic production has come, and the precision positioning module can be compatible with industrial robots in industrial production, and can replace industrial robots in some processes from an economic point of view.

Therefore, combined with the above data analysis, the prospect and development potential of precision positioning module is very large.



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