Single Axis Robotic Arm will be Delivered to Russia

Single Axis Robotic Arm are under production and will be delivered to Russian clients. 

In January,2023, we received an inquiry as follows: 

Could you please offer 3 axis system with rotation module with following parameters:
Weight to be moved – 3 kg
Speed of movement 3 cm/sec max
Stroke X axis – 1050 mm
Stroke Y axis – 1050 mm
Stroke Z axis (vertical) – 100 mm
Positioning accuracy not less than 0,1 mm
On Z axis should me installed rotation module that rotates measuring unit (please find enclosed picture)
Rotation range of measuring unit +/- 180 deg
Angular positioning accuracy not more then 10 angular minutes
Limit switches + Delta motors + servo Drives + controller also are needed.

We study this case,and offer our solution as follows: 

X1 axis:TMS62-L05S1050-DT400-C2U-NCM-P7: 
400W without brake,with sycronization function(ECMA-C10604RS)+400W Delta Drive(ASD-A2-0421-L 1233)
X2 axis:TMS62-L05S1050-DT400-C2U-NCM-P7
400W without brake,with sycronization function(ECMA-C10604RS)+400W Delta Drive(ASD-A2-0421-L 1233)
Y axis:TMS100-L05S1050-DT400-C2U-LCM-P7
400W Delta servo motor (ECMA-C20604RS) +400W Delta drive(ASD-B2-0421-B)+3 metes high quality soft cable
Z axis:TMS62-L05S100-DT400B-C2U-NCM-P7
400W Delta servo motor with brake (ECMA-C20604SS) +400W Delta drive(ASD-B2-0421-B)+3 metes high quality soft cable
Three-axis connector: three-axis connecting plate, stiffener (excluding tank chain) 

A single axis robotic arm is a type of robotic arm that moves in only one direction or axis of motion. The axis can be horizontal, vertical, or at an angle, and the arm is typically controlled by a computer program or human operator. These types of robotic arms are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and medicine.

The main advantage of a single axis robotic arm is its simplicity in terms of design and operation. Since the arm moves in only one direction, it is easier to program and control than more complex multi-axis arms. This makes it a popular choice for tasks that require simple movements, such as loading and unloading objects, or picking and placing items in a production line.

One example of a single axis robotic arm is a gantry robot, which is used to move a tool or object along a fixed path in a two-dimensional plane. These are commonly used in manufacturing processes for tasks such as welding, cutting, or painting. Another example is a linear robot arm, which moves along a straight line and is often used for assembly tasks or part transfers.

In agriculture, single axis robotic arms can be used for tasks such as planting or harvesting crops. They can be programmed to move along a row of plants, pick up and sort fruits or vegetables, or water and fertilize crops.

In medicine, robotic arms are used for minimally invasive surgeries, such as laparoscopic procedures. The arms can be controlled by a surgeon using a computer interface, allowing for precision and accuracy in delicate procedures.

In conclusion, single axis robotic arms are a powerful tool used across a variety of industries. Their simplicity in design and operation make them an attractive choice for tasks that require simple, repetitive movements or precise positioning.

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