Single Axis Robots Have Been Finished for Clients from France

Single Axis Robots are just completed for France clients.

Single Axis Robots bring convenience to the field of automatic machinery.

single axis robot has brought great convenience to relevant industries and contributed to the achievements in the field of automatic mechanical equipment.

At the same time, it can also reflect its unique characteristics and advantages from the use of the slide.

(1) High precision and high rigidity: through the analysis of the deformation of the contact position by the load in each direction, it is known that the precision linear module has the characteristics of high precision and high rigidity. The optimum ratio of rigidity to weight is obtained by the optimal structural design of finite element method.

(2) Easy detection and complete equipment: easy detection of positioning accuracy, positioning reproducibility, walking parallelism, starting torque and other functions.

(3) Convenient assembly and easy maintenance: the assembly personnel can complete the assembly without professional expertise. Good dust prevention and lubrication, easy maintenance, and provide recycling after scrapping.

(4) Multi-purpose design: the ball screw and guide rail used for integrated driving can not only provide precise linear motion, but also match with multi-functional accessories. It is very convenient to import multi-purpose application design, and can also meet the needs of high-precision linear transmission.

(5) Small volume and light weight: the U-shaped track can be used as a guide track and a platform structure to greatly reduce the installation volume, and the optimal structure is designed by the finite element method to obtain the optimal rigidity and weight ratio.



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