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Single Axis Stages are Ready for Delivery to Spain Client

Single Axis Stages from Tallman Robotics Limited are Ready for Delivery to Spain Client

What kind of matters and problems you shall care about when using Single Axis Stages?

1. Maintenance after a time of use.

  1. You shall handle the module with care, as Single Axis modues can affect the stability and precision of operation when it is in collisiona and falling.
  2. You shall clean and lubricate from time to time. As dust and other dirt are easy to enter the interior of the module slide, or the working environment is humid, it will also affect its accuracy and service life. For semi enclosed modules, dust-proof devices need to be added. The inside and outside of the module shall be cleaned regularly, and then lubricated regularly according to the service conditions, especially the screw rod and guide rail, so as to ensure the work efficiency and prolong the service life.

2、 Safety problems in use
1.Set safety protection devices and emergency switching devices in the movable area of the module slide, and keep the working environment clean and orderly.
2. It is forbidden to use in dangerous environment with electromagnetic wave, static electricity, combustible gas, powder and liquid.
3. The installation, commissioning, use, inspection and maintenance of linear modules shall be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions or under the guidance of the manufacturer’s after-sales service personnel. Do not try at will.
In case of operation failure or abnormality of the sliding table, please stop using it immediately to prevent equipment damage or potential safety hazards.
4.The installation slide and electric control part must have grounding device.
5. The motor and reducer may produce high temperature during operation. Please make sure to touch the equipment when the machine stops and the temperature drops.
6.When checking the wiring of controller and power supply, please pay attention to cut off the connection first.
7. When the brake is released, there is a risk of sliding of the upper and lower shafts. Block the upper and lower shafts with a baffle. Be careful not to be caught between the shaft and the bench.

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