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Single Linear Slide Modules are done for clients from Japan

Single Linear Slide Modules have been completed and will be delivered to Japan clients.

Single Linear Slide Modules
Linear Motion Guides

Points for attention in selection of Single Linear Slide Modules in automation application
Linear module is the most commonly used standardized module in automation equipment. Due to the wide variety of Single Linear Slide Modules, in the process of model selection, if the model selection is wrong, it will bring various problems to the performance of the equipment and the promotion of the project.

Therefore, the selection of linear module is very important.
A. Refer to the following steps for model selection of Linear Slide Modules:

  1. Check the use environment of the module slide: determine the general environment, clean environment and harsh environment according to the use environment.
  2. Check the installation direction of the module slide: determine whether the module slide is installed horizontally, on the wall or vertically.
  3. Check the load carried by the module slide.
  4. Check the fastest speed requirements of module slide.
  5. Check the maximum stroke requirements of the module slide.
  6. Accuracy grade requirements of module slide: specify the required repeated positioning accuracy.
  7. Check the motor installation style: the commonly used module slide installation methods include direct connection type, motor left installation, motor right installation and motor bottom installation.
  8. Check whether the module slide uses stepping motor or servo motor.

B. The performance index of Single Linear Slide Modules can be measured from the following aspects:
Accuracy characteristics of module slide: including repeated positioning accuracy, positioning accuracy, walking parallelism, walking straightness, etc.
Motion characteristics of module slide: transportable weight, anti torque ability, running speed, acceleration, running noise, etc.

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