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Smart Electric Grippers are Used In Nucleic Acid Detection

Smart Electric Grippers are more and more used in our daily life. One sign in 30 seconds! Here comes the nucleic acid detection Electric Grippers! Construct a 15 minute nucleic acid “sampling circle”!


Take a cotton swab, poke your throat, twist the test tube… You can complete a nucleic acid sampling in about 30 seconds. However, the sampler is not a “big white”, but a robot or Smart Electric Grippers.

Recently, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, together with Chery holding group and jieka robot, has developed a new generation of intelligent mobile nucleic acid sampling vehicle. The nucleic acid sampling robot with Smart Electric Grippers from Tallman Robotics Limited on the vehicle body can realize unmanned nucleic acid sampling by using the “vision + force control” sensing technology. In addition, the product can also capture and analyze data in real time, and help build a 15 minute nucleic acid “sampling circle” with scientific and technological power.

Not only in Shanghai, many provinces and cities are accelerating the layout of the 15 minute nucleic acid “sampling circle” under the call of relevant national big cities to build a 15 minute nucleic acid “sampling circle”. Many listed companies responded positively and helped consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control.

Intelligent unmanned nucleic acid sampling vehicle comes out, which can complete one sampling in 30 seconds
In the future, robots may be used to test nucleic acids at all normalized nucleic acid sampling points in Shanghai.
Recently, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, together with Chery holding group and card saving robot, developed version 2.0 “SAIRI intelligent mobile nucleic acid sampling vehicle”. On the basis of the original “epidemic prevention vehicle”, the new generation of sampling vehicle realizes the unmanned nucleic acid sampling of throat swabs, creating better conditions for various market players to resume work and 15 minute nucleic acid “sampling circle”.

It is reported that the new generation of sampling vehicle is equipped with an automatic unmanned nucleic acid sampling system. The system has 1 to 2 nucleic acid sampling robots with Smart Electric Grippers, and uses the “vision + force control” sensing technology to achieve an unmanned sampling throughput of one person per 30 seconds.


Songhaitao, executive director of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, told the Shanghai Securities News that since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, the research institute has timely collected and mastered the actual needs of epidemic prevention according to the deployment and arrangement of the Shanghai municipal Party committee and government for epidemic prevention and control, quickly established a special digital epidemic prevention team to organize technical research, gave full play to its platform advantages, and cooperated with Chery holding group Jiaotong University incubated enterprises such as card saving robot developed offline intelligent mobile nucleic acid sampling vehicle. We hope to build an “intelligent barrier” against epidemic diseases through scientific and technological forces to create better conditions for various market players to resume production and work.

“Compared with manual sampling, mechanical arm sampling has several advantages, such as indefatigability, standardized action and reducing the discomfort caused by manual operation errors. Under the epidemic situation, it is necessary to develop unmanned and non-contact machine sampling work to replace repetitive human work.” Yanweixin, chief scientist of intelligent medical center of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and associate researcher of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said.

Smart electric grippers

How to ensure the accuracy of machine operation in the process of nucleic acid sampling? Yanweixin introduced that,

first, the principle of machine vision was applied. When opening the mouth, the machine can sense the position of the throat, the whole mouth and the small tongue behind through the depth. The positions of the two sides of the pharyngeal isthmus, the tonsil recess and the posterior pharyngeal wall near the small tongue are the best positions. This step is done through machine vision;

Second, on this basis, the team also made force position mixing control, so as to really touch the sampling point. Design the threshold of force to ensure that the force will not be very deep, but can be touched and scraped, so as to carry out effective sampling;

Third, after the sampling, the two arms of Smart Electric Gripperscoordinate the control to match the sampling rod with the reagent tube. The seemingly simple operation combines three technical operations.

Smart electric grippers

In addition, the new generation of intelligent mobile nucleic acid sampling vehicle has been optimized and improved in terms of operation safety and space comfort. The model of the car is large and the space in the car is spacious. Two medical staff can sample at the same time. However, the height of the car is less than 2.1m, so it is easy to enter the underground parking garage. Lighting lamps are installed inside and outside the sampling vehicle to facilitate nucleic acid sampling at night.

The new generation of intelligent mobile nucleic acid sampling vehicle is also equipped with positive pressure equipment in the vehicle. At the same time, the double-layer ionization high-efficiency filtration and disinfection equipment completely disinfection and sterilization the air, avoiding the risk of external air entering the vehicle through the air conditioning circulation system to the medical staff. The medical staff can conduct nucleic acid sampling without wearing protective clothing in the vehicle. The car is equipped with air conditioning, so the medical staff do not have to worry about the risk of heatstroke when working under high temperature, and the comfort and safety of work are improved.

Smart electric grippers

Compared with the first generation model, the second generation sampling vehicle is more intelligent. Liuyanjing, vice president of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, said that the Institute hopes to build this model into a “combat vehicle” with comprehensive command on the “battlefield” of epidemic prevention, which can not only complete the safe and convenient nucleic acid sampling work, but also use the on-board nucleic acid sampling intelligent terminal to cooperate with the means of integration of human ID card, face recognition, 5g communication transmission, etc. to build an intelligent terminal for rapid registration, automatic real-time data upload The closed loop of background fast data processing further improves the sampling efficiency, forms a link from sampling to detection information, realizes the capture and analysis of cutting-edge data, and provides data support for upper level decision-making.

Zhang Xi, chief scientist of the intelligent networking center of Shanghai Institute of artificial intelligence and professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, told the reporter of Shanghai Securities News that the unmanned nucleic acid detection vehicle can be adapted to hospitals, parks, communities, and communities in the future through the research of core technologies such as sampling + detection, closed-loop unmanned operation of the whole process, behavior prediction of driverless traffic participants, high-power resonant wireless charging, etc Driverless and unmanned power collection functions in various complex scenarios such as the plant. At the same time, match with the intelligent equipment for the safety early warning and rapid detection of the on-board power battery, and promote the evolution of the nucleic acid sampling vehicle to the direction of high efficiency, high security and unmanned.

It is reported that before that, nearly 80 new energy nucleic acid sampling vehicles of version 1.0 developed by Shanghai Institute of artificial intelligence have been deployed in Xuhui, Minhang, Hongkou, Pudong New Area, Changning District, Huangpu District, etc. At present, version 2.0 “SAIRI intelligent mobile nucleic acid sampling vehicle with Smart Electric Grippers” has been successfully tested, and it is expected to be put into use after accelerating and optimizing the core functions.


Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places – accelerate the 15 minute nucleic acid “sampling circle” layout

A few days ago, the teleconference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council stressed the need to establish a 15 minute walk nucleic acid “sampling circle” in big cities.

Guoyanhong, supervisor of the medical administration and medical administration bureau of the National Health Commission, said that at present, 13000 medical and health institutions in China can carry out nucleic acid detection, and 153000 professional technicians are engaged in the technical work of nucleic acid detection. The daily nucleic acid detection capacity has reached 57million tubes per day.

Create a 15 minute nucleic acid “sampling circle” and Shanghai will act quickly. As of the evening of May 12, Shanghai has set up more than 9900 nucleic acid sampling points and 16000 stations. Among them, more than 5700 points have been opened for operation. At present, Shanghai has reserved a sampling team of about 38000 people, and the maximum detection capacity per day has increased from 1.028 million tubes before the current round of epidemic to more than 8.5 million tubes.

It is reported that according to the population density and functional needs, the 15 minute nucleic acid “sampling circle” with Smart Electric Grippers will set the sampling point in the residential community, office area, enterprise park, surrounding subway stations, traffic stations and other areas within 15 minutes’ walk. There are various types of sampling points, including fixed sampling points, convenient sampling points and mobile sampling points.

In Zhejiang, according to Chen Guangsheng, executive deputy director of the leading group office for epidemic prevention and control in Zhejiang Province and Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, Zhejiang currently has 87 nucleic acid detection bases with a daily detection capacity of more than 50000 tubes, 157 mobile detection vehicles and an average daily detection capacity of 10.85 million tubes, ranking the leading level in all provinces (regions and cities). Among them, Hangzhou has set up 10000 convenient sampling points in communities, public places, medical and health institutions, and sampled 11.951 million people in nearly 48 hours.

Chenguangsheng said that in order to provide a more safe and comfortable working environment for nucleic acid sampling, Zhejiang will comprehensively promote the application of mobile nucleic acid sampling huts. The first batch of 10000 will be put into various places to better ensure the normalization of nucleic acid detection with Smart Electric Grippers.