Smart Electrical Grippers for Assembly & Pick & Place

Smart Electrical Grippers from Tallman Robotics Limited highlighted 2022 robot Conference – intelligent operation has become a new trend

The 2022 World robot conference was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on 25th Feb.

Tallman Robotics’s Smart Electrical Grippers also demonstrate the dexterous hand “serving tea and pouring water” and the electric claw visual sorting system, which attracted a large number of media and viewers.

In order to realize the grasping function, we need to have good control accuracy and stability, especially the accurate control of grasping force.
Tallman Robotics dexterous hand adopts the self-developed linear servo drive technology, the grip strength of each finger tip can reach 10N, and the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.01mm. Combined with the high-resolution force sensor, we can grasp the paper cup and even tofu.




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