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Soft Force Micro Platform Type Linear Actuator is a compact and precise linear motion device designed to provide gentle and controlled force in micro-scale applications. It is typically used in environments where precise positioning and smooth movement are crucial.

This actuator incorporates advanced technologies to ensure accurate and consistent performance. It may utilize piezoelectric, pneumatic, or electromagnetic mechanisms to generate the linear motion. The “soft force” characteristic allows for delicate handling of objects without applying excessive force, making it suitable for applications such as micro-manipulation, nano-positioning, and lab-on-a-chip systems.

The micro platform design enables the actuator to be integrated into small-scale devices and systems. It offers a stable and rigid platform to support the payload during linear movement. The actuator may be equipped with features such as low friction guides, high-resolution encoders, and fine-positioning capabilities to achieve precise control and measurement.

This type of linear actuator finds applications in various fields, including biomedical engineering, microelectronics, photonics, and precision manufacturing. It can be used in microsurgery tools, atomic force microscopy, semiconductor equipment, and other microfabrication processes where accuracy and gentle force are required.

The Soft Force Micro Platform Type Linear Actuator offers advantages such as miniaturization, high precision, and the ability to handle delicate tasks with minimal disruption. Its design and performance make it a valuable component in the development of microsystems and technologies that demand precise and controlled linear motion in a compact form factor.

Micro Platform Linear ActuatorMicro Platform Linear Actuator


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