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Soft Force Motion Controller or Precision Soft Foce Motion Controller from Tallman Robotics Limited has incomparable and unparalled highlights as follows: 

  • Independent research and development of advanced control algorithms: Excellent performance, powerful and easy to use!
  • Support multiple programming language control: Control voice coil motor, linear motor and servo cylinder to achieve the best performance.
  • Multiple field network control: Compatible with the industrial network standards on the market, it shows an unparalleled level in performance, function and flexibility. 
  • Force position hybrid control (strength, position and speed) can be optionally equipped with 0.01N precision force control function, which can control the strength, position, speed, acceleration and deceleration of the servo electric cylinder: Four operation modes and more than 10 practical functions are built in to avoid the trouble of complex programming. Pulse, I / O, bus control (ModbusRTU, CANopen, modbustcp, Ethernet / IP, PROFINET) three in one control preset 10 + application functions.
  • Self setting function
  • External disturbance compensation function.
  • It can show the best performance on any actuator cylinder, even under severe nonlinear load and ultra-high resolution system machinery.
  • Support multiple network modes: A variety of network interfaces are provided for customers to use for multi axis control. The supported network interfaces include CANopen, Modbus TCP, Ethernet / IP and PROFINET.
  • High speed synchronous control: Based on the synchronous internal high-speed bus of industrial network, the response rate can beμS for precision data input and output control, with high response speed and super anti-interference ability.
  • 5 minutes to get started: Zero foundation is the first choice for entry. It adopts code free form filling programming, which makes programming as simple as building blocks.It can realize various applications and freely combine and define robots.
  • Support various forms of electric cylinder.
    It can not only control the classic products of electric clamping claw and servo electric cylinder, but also support the control of innovative products such as voice coil motor module, linear motor module and precision force control electric cylinder.

Detailed Technical Parameters of Soft Force Motion Controller from Tallman Robotics Limited:


TM-C-F Controller Parameters





Number of control axes

singel axis

Voltage supply (V)


Rated current (a)



Control mode

I / O control, bus control (ModbusRTU, CANopen, modbustcp, Ethernet / IP, PROFINET), pulse control

PIO interface

·Optocoupler isolation · input 8 points / output 8 points

Maximum input

pulse frequency


LED display

Red, yellow and green status light

Cable length

≤ 10m

Use environment·Operating ambient temperature: 0-40 ℃

·Operating ambient humidity: below 85% RH (no condensation state)

·Storage ambient temperature: – 10 ℃ – 65 ℃

·Storage ambient temperature: below 90% RH (no condensation state)

Dimension (mm)


Weight (kg)


Protection level



Natural convection cooling


Soft Force Motion Controller Soft Force Motion Controller

Soft Force Motion Controller is a general-purpose controller. It can control precision moving parts such as intelligent electric cylinder, electric clamping claw, voice coil motor and linear motor, and realize the mixed control function of motion attributes such as strength, position, speed, acceleration / deceleration and direction of precision moving parts through form filling programming and secondary development on TM software platform.

Since entering the market, Soft Force Motion Controller has won a good reputation from market customers by virtue of its strong compatibility, multi-functional loading, high cost performance, high control accuracy, simple programming, high stability and other excellent performance. At present, the controller has been widely used in 3C electronics, medical treatment, automobile, precision manufacturing, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

Soft Force Motion Controller, a new generation of intelligent controller.

  • With high flexibility, it can be matched with precision moving parts such as electric clamping claw, servo electric cylinder, voice coil motor and linear motor with different sizes and specifications on the market;
  • Strong compatibility, integrating pulse, IO and bus control. Among them, bus control can be compatible with many industrial Ethernet on the market, not limited to ModbusRTU, CANopen, modbustcp, Ethernet / IP, PROFINET and other communication protocols;
  • Powerful, with 10 + application functions preset internally, it can carry out secondary development, support multiple programming language control, and save development time




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