Wentian experimental module successfully finished rendezvous with China Space Station

Lack of “Soft Force” is indispensable! Wentian experimental module successfully finished rendezvous with China Space Station.

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At 14:22 on July 24, 2022, the Long March 5 B yao-3 carrier rocket was successfully launched, putting the experimental module into the scheduled orbit accurately. In space, the Wentian experimental module successfully docked with the Chinese space station assembly, and the flexible solar wing completed the second deployment. The whole rendezvous process lasted about 13 hours.

The successful rendezvous of Wentian experimental module is a comprehensive embodiment of the innovation and application of the most cutting-edge technology in many domestic disciplines. Among them, the successful deployment of the soft solar wing carried by the Wentian experimental module in orbit is an important symbol of the successful launch mission.

This is the longest and largest flexible solar wing in China at present. After the wings are fully deployed, it can reach 55 meters, setting a new record for China’s spacecraft to use solar panels in orbit. The solar wing is only a little harder than clothes, and it adopts double axis Soft Force control. Without adjusting the attitude of the cabin, it can adjust the orientation at any time. It can track the sun with two degrees of freedom. The average power generation per day is more than 430kw, making the experimental cabin a veritable “main power station” to continuously supply power to the assembly.

In the mission of the “ask the sky” experimental module, Professor Song , who is currently the executive president of a space science and Technology Research Institute, and his doctoral team were responsible for participating in the development of the push-pull measuring sensor and measuring instrument for the push-pull rod of the flexible solar wing, which played an extremely important role in the successful development of the flexible solar wing in orbit,Soft Force.

Soft Force

Over the years, Professor Song has led his professional team to undertake national manned space engineering projects for many times. In the Shenzhou 13 manned mission on April 16, 2022, the team developed the space station astronauts’ in orbit operating Soft Force measurement sensor and measurement equipment, completed the astronauts’ in orbit finger pinch force, hand grip force, push and pull force, hand multi-dimensional force and foot multi-dimensional force and other accurate measurements, and obtained important measurement data such as human operating force and biomechanics in microgravity environment, It strongly supports the research on the change law of the operating Soft Force of Chinese space station mission astronauts under the typical attitude of long-term in orbit.

Soft Force

As a leader in the field of force and touch in China, Professor Song also served as the chief scientific adviser of Tallman robotics, providing a steady stream of important technical support for TM in the R & D and innovation process of precision Soft Force control technology. In 2018, the technical team jointly developed the leading softforce in China ® Precision force control technology has created the highest force control accuracy of ± 0.01N in the industry, filled the domestic technical gap, opened up a unique basic cutting-edge control technology route and continued to accumulate and extend.

At present, the precision Soft Force control technology based on the model prediction algorithm has been iteratively upgraded to version 2.0, which realizes the compliant force control during the movement of the actuator, real-time force feedback, and constant output without overshoot under high-speed movement, making the motion mode of the actuator more intelligent and refined, so as to improve the production yield and high inspection pass rate of precision parts.

With a series of precision force controlled hardware actuators launched by TM as the carrier, softforce ® 2.0 precision Soft Force control technology is widely used in 3C electronics, semiconductors, automobiles, medical treatment, lithium batteries, Aerospace Military Industry and other fields with increasingly high requirements for precision manufacturing, including but not limited to various new intelligent products, new materials, new technology carriers and their core components, such as fine assembly, press fitting, flexible polishing, precision testing and other core processes, to help integrators and end users provide diversified Practical precision force control solution.

Tallman robotics has never stopped its multi-dimensional research on mechanical mechanism, algorithm, Soft Force control, drive and bionics of force control and force touch. In March 2022, TM, Professor Song and his doctoral research team jointly broke through a disruptive technological innovation in precision Soft Force control technology – Soft humanoid actuator, which can implement high-sensitivity force control without force sensor, eliminate the influence of friction, and be compatible with large and small output. This future oriented technology provides the feasibility of a new type of force control execution for metauniverse, teleoperation, etc.

Soft Force

Thanks to the efforts of scientists, China’s space industry has constantly reached new heights, making every rocket launch an expected event. The innovation and breakthrough of science and technology is bound to promote the rapid development of China’s industry, science, medicine and other fields, changing with each passing day.

However, Tallman robotics Soft Force control technology is still in the primary development stage in China, and there is a wide space for exploration and application. Based on its original technological advantages, TM will integrate the strength of enterprises and academic research, provide a wider range of innovative precision Soft Force control technologies, products and solutions for industrial automation, and help China’s “smart” manufacturing.



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