Black Technology:New Breakthrough in Force Control Whose Performance is Close to Hand

Following the launch of TM-CEP drive control integrated controller, voice coil motor, linear motor and other actuator control systems and new precision electric cylinders, on March 13, Tallman Robotics R & D team once again released an innovative breakthrough in precision force control technology – Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator!

At present, the mainstream mostly uses the actuator of force sensor + motor + reducer to control the force. Now the technical route of this new actuator is completely different from the previous way. The biggest feature of this soft humanoid actuator is that it can realize high-sensitivity force control without force sensor and eliminate the influence of friction; Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator can meet the index requirements of large output span, fast response speed and zero friction under one mechanism, and the action of Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuatoris more human.

Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator, Itself has the ability of force sensor algorithm, which can improve the force control technical indicators by an order of magnitude compared with the previous ones, and can effectively make the force control of robot arm more soft and accurate. This is a subversive technological innovation in the field of motion control!

Innovation makes the impossible possible
As early as the beginning of 2021, the engineering and technical team of Tallman Robotics force control algorithm, together with the chief scientist Professor Gaoren and his doctoral research team, jointly explored a new technical route of precision force control.

In traditional mechanical equipment, in order to achieve greater power output, the motor is generally used as the power component, and the motor drives other deceleration components to achieve greater output. However, the friction and damping brought by the reducer will make it impossible for the system to achieve small output once the reducer with large output is selected. Moreover, it will slow down the response speed of the system, and can not achieve sensitive response or higher movement beat. This soft humanoid actuator provides a solution with fast response and compatible with large output and small output, so as to perfectly achieve both fish and bear’s paw.

Through the optimization of the bottom hardware, combined configuration and overall control algorithm of the actuator, The Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator is expected to complete more complex and flexible work, which provides a new solution for automation.

“Force control is a link that is generally missing in industrial automation and intellectualization, but it is an important key technology for machines to replace people. Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator provides a wider possibility for force control“——Professor Gaoren, chief scientist of Tallman Robotics.

Advantages of Soft Humanoid Robotics Actuator
1. High response speed
Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator Eliminates the problem of reduced response speed caused by the reducer to the motion system.
2. Precision force control
The force control with high sensitivity and high repeatability can also be realized without force sensor.
3. High compliance with adjustable damping
Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator can achieve very high-quality compliant motion by efficiently adjusting the damping value, and is far superior to other driving schemes. Moreover, when the torque exceeds the set torque, it will lose the lock and slide, so as to ensure that there will be no danger even if it comes into contact with the human body in the process of movement, and ensure the safety of surrounding operators to the greatest extent.
4.Achieve zero friction
Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator can eliminate the friction brought by the deceleration mechanism, greatly broaden the dynamic range of output, and realize the dynamic range of output from 0.01nm to 3nm.
5. Can withstand impact
Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator can withstand impact, even if it will not be damaged by strong collision. (generally, the reducer is easy to be damaged when the robot encounters impact.)
6. Secure human-computer interaction
Even when executing high-speed trajectory motion,Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator maintains compatibility and safety. It can adapt to more complex working environment and complete more specified actions.

Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator

Let the actuator work flexibly like a human hand
In the same volume, speed and force have always been a contradiction in physics. Traditional transmission mechanism, in order to achieve high response speed, power must be sacrificed. This new technology has further solved the contradiction between speed and strength in industry, and can provide high speed and larger output range at the same time. This technology is used in the grinding process for force control, which can realize faster speed movement, faster response to force control and higher precision, so that Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator has the same sensitivity and dexterity as a human hand.

With the help of Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator, it can realize accurate control even in the face of complex application tasks, such as assembly, polishing, sanding or deburring. At the same time, it can better protect the safety of operators, effectively reduce operation time and improve production efficiency.

With the popularization of 5g, 6G and other communication technologies and digitization, Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator can also be used in new automation, medical treatment, experimental and scientific research fields such as manual controller and teleoperation. Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator has the characteristics of high precision, high response, high sensitivity and high compliance. It connects micro operation robot and surgical robot, and can cooperate to realize remote surgery in the era of high communication; Human remote-controlled bionic robot implements high-risk tasks such as unknown area exploration, dangerous object removal, highly infectious virus extraction and so on.

In the technical structure of the meta universe, this intelligent hardware with the function of perception and interaction will become a carrier, which can build people’s perception ability in reality in the virtual space, and turn the interaction between people and machines into reality.
”This new technology makes the impossible application possible by expanding the technical index a hundred times. It may be applied on a large scale in the future, which is a disruptive technology. “——Tallman Robotics Technician VP Mr. Zhang

Scientific and technological innovation is the engine of growth

As a Leading supplier of precision motion control systems and components, Tallman Robotics is full of young talents in the field of precision engineering and control technology.

Through years of intensive cultivation in the field of precision force motion control in the field of industrial control, Tallman Robotics has successfully overcome the problem of “neck sticking” in the field of force control, High precision force control technology can achieve the highest precision of force control to ± 0.01N, exceeding the technical indicators of Germany, Japan and other countries.

Soft Humanoid Robotic Actuator

The product has reached the domestic advanced level in the core control technologies such as bottom algorithms, such as parameter self-tuning and vibration suppression algorithms, as well as key indicators such as accuracy, stability and ease of use.

Since its inception, Tallman robotics has always focused on providing humanized, easy-to-use, open and compatible, reliable, stable and cost-effective industrial actuators for industrial intelligent manufacturing. So far, Tallman Robotics has launched a series of electric cylinder products including clamping claw, slide table, push rod, rotary cylinder, voice coil motor and linear motor. The product form covers the needs of grasping, rotating, pushing, sliding and other end execution actions. It can not only be used at the end of various multi axis manipulator arms, but also be combined with each other to meet the specific needs of various industrial scenes, Provide customers with one-stop solutions for servo cylinder actuator hardware and control system.

”The road to intelligence has just begun. Just like the name of “Tallman”, we are constantly broadening the boundary, depth and height of technology. After a long time of exploration and technological precipitation, we have a deep ability of technological innovation and scientific research transformation. Scientific and technological innovation will always be the engine of growth. “
——General Manager Kam Zheng of Tallman Robotics Branch in Shanghai

Tallman Robotics limited, a leading provider of precision motion control systems and components, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It is committed to providing global customers with precision motion solutions and intelligent manufacturing of precision motion execution parts.

As one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the field of intelligent motion system, Tallman Robotics has mastered the core technology of precision motion control (soft force) through independent research and development , founded “TM” Brand. We have independently produced a series of precision electromechanical parts such as intelligent electric cylinder, electric clamping claw, VCM voice coil motor driver and linear motor driver. With the characteristics of reliable quality, high precision, low cost, easy to use and convenient maintenance, Tallman Robotics series products have an increasing share of servo cylinders in China. The products are widely used in precision manufacturing fields such as 3C electronics, semiconductor, lithium battery manufacturing and testing, biomedicine, aerospace technology and intelligent manufacturing.



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