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Stainless Bearing Actuators are linear modules or linear actuators with stainless bearing. here we introduce our model TMS150-CR for your applications.You are welcome to to watch our video centre for more projects or visit our website load down e-catalogues for further technical data. 

Stainless Bearing Actuators

Stainless steel linear bearing is a kind of linear motion system produced at low cost, which is used in combination with cylindrical shaft for unlimited travel. Since the bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft, the service load is small. The steel ball rotates with a very small friction resistance, so as to obtain high-precision smooth motion linear bearings, which are widely used in electronic equipment, tension testing machines, digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment and other precision equipment, as well as the sliding parts of industrial machinery such as multi axis machine tools, punches, tool grinders, automatic gas cutting machines, printers, card sorters, food packaging machines, etc.

Stainless steel bearings achieve high strength and high precision. Stainless steel bearings can be used under special conditions such as acid resistance and water resistance. Because of its high mechanical strength and large load capacity, it is widely used in food processing, medical machinery and pharmaceutical machinery. Stainless steel bearings are widely used in electric toys, small motors, medical devices, household appliances, fishing reels, food machinery, furniture, doors and windows, shower rooms, rust proof bearings, chemical and civil pulleys. They have the characteristics of rust prevention, good flexibility, high speed, long life, etc. They are used in high-end sports equipment such as high-end skates, skateboards, etc. The stainless steel bearings produced are acid resistant, alkali resistant, and work under the conditions of humid air corrosion.

The stainless steel linear bearing can automatically adjust, and the ball plate is convex, so it can provide a rotation axis point in the center, and such a rotation axis point can make the bearing automatically adjust by 0.5 °. This automatic adjustment ability of the stainless steel linear bearing eliminates the possibility of edge pressure caused by inaccurate machining, installation failure or shaft offset.

How to select proper bearings for linear modules?
With the development of automation, the requirements for linear modules are getting higher and higher. The overall performance requirements cannot be separated from good bearings. The following are linear die assembly workers
Engineer’s selection and analysis of bearings:
1. Self aligning roller bearing: mainly used to accept radial load, but also small axial load. Only when bearing the radial load, the
High self alignment function. The relative deflection of the inner ring of the working tapered hole bearing on the outer ring is allowed to be no more than 2. Move axially at 5 °. Installation on tight sleeve bearing
Adjustable radial clearance, suitable for installation on the optical shaft without shoulder. It needs to be installed frequently when removing the bearing.
2. Stainless steel bearing: The main characteristics of stainless steel bearing are high precision, low noise, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-magnetic, and high temperature resistance.
3. Bearing: the conflict coefficient, linear module temperature rise and vibration value under variable load conditions are greater than those under static load conditions; Friction system of oil bearing
The number is smaller than that of general bearings, but the vibration characteristics are opposite. When the bearing is running, its conflict function is better than that of ordinary bearings, but in terms of vibration characteristics,
Ordinary bearing is superior to oil bearing
4. Spherical bearing: It is composed of two sealed spherical ball bearings and a cast (or steel plate stamping) bearing seat. Internal knot of outer spherical bearing
The structure is the same as that of the deep groove ball bearing, but the outer ring of the linear module bearing has a truncated spherical outer surface, so the concave spherical surface of the bearing seat can be used to
Adjust the center. The inner ring of bearing is usually fixed on the shaft with jackscrew, eccentric sleeve or set sleeve. The rolling bearing with shaft is compact in structure.




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