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Stainless Steel Electric Actuators

Manipulator is a kind of mechanical arm, which is usually programmable and has similar functions with human arm; The arm can be the sum of mechanisms, or it can be part of a more complex robot. This manipulator is connected through joints, allowing rotational motion (for example, in an articulated manipulator) or translational (linear) displacement.

In fact, the working principle of the articulated manipulator,Stainless Steel Electric Actuator, is very similar to the motion characteristics of the human arm. Only through the combined movement of joints, bones and muscles, can the human hand follow the command of the brain and have conditional reflex; The articulated manipulator is successfully developed based on this characteristic of human beings and the crystallization of human wisdom.

Working principle diagram of manipulator:

Stainless Steel Electric Actuators

Manipulator is a machine that imitates the action of human arm. It can also be suspended on the truss. This kind of manipulator is called truss manipulator. It is composed of a plurality of beams and manipulator assemblies. One end of the manipulator is suspended on the transverse module, and the other end has a wrist and fingers. The wrist can rotate with multiple degrees of freedom, and the fingers can clamp objects. They can be directly or remotely controlled by humans. However, the truss manipulator is only one of various manipulators.

The manipulator in the figure is a three-axis truss manipulator driven by a servo motor. A brief explanation of the meaning of three axes can be simply understood that this manipulator is composed of three servo motors. Two servo motors can be clearly seen in the figure. The other servo motor is the part of the manipulator that controls the forward and backward movement. It is behind the whole manipulator, so it can not be seen in the figure.

Then we will explain the functions of the other two servo motors. The servo motor on the horizontal arm controls the overall horizontal movement of the vertical and horizontal manipulator on the horizontal arm, and can be accurately positioned at any position on the horizontal arm. The servo motor on the vertical arm naturally controls the up and down movement of the vertical arm, and is also a combination of the key manipulator,Stainless Steel Electric Actuator, for grasping materials and the servo motor that needs to be the most accurate.