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Stainless Steel Linear Actuator Is Completed For Indian Client

Stainless Steel Linear Actuator is ready for delivery to India 

Stainless Steel Linear Actuator


The production of Stainless Steel Linear Actuator has its own uses. It not only has its own uses, but also has obvious advantages in many products and equipment. What are the advantages of Stainless Steel Linear Actuators over other Linear Modules?




1. Corrosion resistance: the base and sliding seat can be made of aluminum alloy with high temperature corrosion resistance and wear resistance treatment on the surface, and the aluminum alloy is anti-corrosion and passivation. In addition, the stainless steel linear guide rail and mounting screws are made of specially treated nickel plated materials, so they have complete corrosion resistance.

2. Light weight and high rigidity: the base made of extruded aluminum alloy is combined with the linear guide rail to achieve light weight and high rigidity. High rigidity, high precision, low price, small volume, light weight, modular design of aluminum alloy structure, slide and base are installed in the linear guide rail after passing through the anode, and the base is matched with the slide to achieve high rigidity and high bearing capacity, small load change, and high stability for the matching quality or external load change.

3. Component Standardization: realize the standardization of main components of electric equipment modules. Both horizontal and vertical directions can be effectively used in moving, transmission, conveying and other operations. The linear module of electric control working capacity can replace the cylinder and has the advantages of low market price, long service life and easy maintenance.