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About Us

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TALLMAN ROBOTIC LIMITED is based in China, facing the world, open and innovative. TALLMAN ROBOTICS headquarter is located in the international scientific and Technological Innovation Center – Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay district. Through independent research and development, it has mastered the core technology of motion control, established the “Tallman robot” brand, has dozens of knowledge patents, and won the certification of “national high-tech enterprise” and honorary titles such as “Guangdong high-tech products” and “Golden Globe Award for high-tech products”.

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TALLMAN ROBOTICS LIMITED serves global partners with high quality specials such as Single Axis Linear Modules, Multi Axis Linear Modules, Ball Screw Linear Modules, Belt Drive Linear Modules, Intelligent Electric Grippers, Rotary Electric Grippers, Integrated Electric Grippers, Linear Motors, Electric Cylinders, Servo Motors, hollow rotary tables, large aperture hollow rotary tables, heavy duty hollow rotary tables, etc.

TALLMAN ROBOTICS LIMITED independently developed softforce high-precision force control system and launched precision motion parts such as electric gripper, intelligent electric cylinder, voice coil motor driver and linear motor driver to provide precision motion parts for global intelligent manufacturing. At present, it has reached cooperation with international well-known enterprises such as Foxconn, Huawei, , BYD, Shunyu optics and Huada Zhizao, The products are widely used in 3C electronics, medical treatment, automobile, semiconductor, industrial production and other fields.

Starting in the year of 2010, and concentrating on R&D, supported with 4 sub-division factories for linear modules,electric grippers, precision circular motion track system, hollow rotary tables, automation components, TALLMAN ROBOT has won a trust and fame in global system integrators and contractors in projects.

TALLMAN ROBOTICS defines himself as an one-stop linear motion system solution service provider – relying on the advantages of the group, TALLMAN ROBOT integrates scheme design, manufacturing, on-site commissioning and after-sales service, integrates the technical trend of modularization, integration, digitization and unmanned, and provides customers with precision mechanical parts, industrial robots, drive controllers, remote I / O, machine manual fixtures, automation equipment and other series products and perfect services.

TALLMAN ROBOTICS ‘s main customers are concentrated in 3C electronics, mobile phones, LCD panels, semiconductors, LEDs, home appliances, daily chemicals, automobiles, batteries and other industries. Main application scenarios are positioning, loading, handling, assembly, detection, dispensing, coating, bonding, welding, cutting and other manufacturing processes.

TALLMAN ROBOTICS LIMITED has a first-class technical team, involving force sensing fusion algorithm, software architecture, electronics and electrical, mechanical equipment and other industries, providing a strong guarantee for innovation and development. TALLMAN ROBOTICS has gathered a group of various professional talents with rich experience and knowledge. At the same time, he has established industry university research cooperation relations with Hubei University of technology, South China University of technology, Tsinghua University and Huawei, and established “intelligent robot joint laboratory” with Hubei University of technology.

In the future, Tallman ROBOTICS will continue to focus on the “precision” innovation of manufacturing parts, combine the multi-point innovation center, global R & D system and local business needs, develop innovative products and solutions to meet the needs of global customers, and inject new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

In the future, TALLMAN ROBOTICS will continue to comply with the development trend of the industry, aim to build a well-known brand of industrial linear robots, Intelligent electric grippers and automation components, and aim to “contribute to improving equipment automation level and promoting the transformation and upgrading of China’s industry to intelligent manufacturing”, so as to build TALLMAN ROBOTICS into an international enterprise recognized and respected by customers.

3C industry:In recent ten years, We are committed to the 3C field (computer, communication, consumer electronics) automation transformation scheme, relying on the system integration solution supporting robot and machine vision, provides 3C industry with various services, such as mobile phone general assembly and gluing, tightening of mobile phone assembly screws, polishing and polishing of mobile phone back cover, detection of mobile phone middle shell accessories, full-automatic detection of mobile phone LCD screen, appearance detection of mobile phone glass cover plate, assembly of mobile phone fingerprint recognizer, We provide you with a series of efficient and reliable whole plant solutions for building an intelligent factory.

Our Products

Electric grippers

Linear Modules

Circular Track System

Hollow Rotary Tables

Linear Motors

Automation Components

Two finger grippers, Three finger grippers, rotating electric grippers

Long stroke grippers, Electric Parallel Grippers, 3-Jaw Self-Centering Electric Gripper, Rotary clamping claw   etc

Single axis linear modules, Multi axis linear modules, Screw drive linear modules, Belt drive linear modules, Waterproof Linear Modules, Long stroke Linear Modules

Timing Belt Drive Ring Guide Rail, Chain Drive Circular Ring Guide Rail, Connecting Rod Ring Guide Rail Chain, 360 ° circular arc guide rail

Large Aperture hollow rotary tables, Heavy duty hollow rotary tables, Right angle hollow rotary tables, Reinforced Hollow Rotary Tables,   

Electric Linear motors, Electric Cylinders,

Delta Servo motors, Delta Servo drives, Panasonic servo motors, Panasonic servo drives, Step motors, Motion control systems, Planetary reducer gearbox, Cam indexers etc


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