Ten Misunderstandings In Industrial Robot Application

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Robot investment usually ranges from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. It is very important to make the right choice at the first time and avoid common mistakes, because mistakes will lead to unnecessary expenses or task delays. In order to help engineers and designers avoid the most serious mistakes, the paper lists the ten misunderstandings to avoid in Industrial Robot application and in Industrial Robotics .

Misunderstanding 1: underestimate the payload and inertia

The first mistake of robot users in Industrial Robot application is that they underestimate the payload and inertia requirements. Usually, the weight of the tool installed at the end of the robot arm is not included in the load calculation. The second reason for this error is that the inertial force generated by eccentric load is underestimated or completely ignored.
Inertial force may cause overload of the robot shaft. Overload of the rotating shaft is very common in Industrial Robot. If this problem is not corrected, Industrial Robotics will be harmed. Reducing the load or reducing the speed parameter can stop the compensation for this situation. However, reducing the speed will increase the unnecessary cycle time – the cycle that is part of the reduction in return for investment is the first in the purchase of robots. This is also the reason why load related factors are very important from the beginning.
The effective load is very important. Some information given by the technical parameters of ordinary robots is explained in detail. The rated load is effective only when the rated speed is reached. One of the important conditions for reaching the maximum load is to reduce the operating speed of Industrial Robot. In addition, excessive load may damage the accuracy of the robot.

Misunderstanding 2: trying to make robots do too much

Sometimes, the talent and flexibility of the robot make the designer ask it to take on too much work and make the robot unit too complex. Once this result is generated, it is difficult to reach the correct cycle time, or it brings additional difficulties to the treatment scheme, resulting in a large number of difficulties due to the speed limit of the processor. And once the consumption shows defects, this error is often amplified. In consumption, unplanned shutdown will lead to huge losses.

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Another situation is that the use of Industrial Robot and work units exceeds the requirements of the original design. The increased work is only after the simulation, which is easy to present a disappointing situation. Especially if no new simulation is done before the promotion plan, the regular cycle may not be reached. Therefore, if we want to ensure that one cycle cycle of the robot is within the regular time, we must pay attention to things beyond the scope of Industrial Robotics.
Before using Industrial Robot, it is necessary to conduct simulation and confirm the travel load and cycle time of the application of Industrial Robotics according to the design requirements. It is assumed that the new application of the robot will be added, and a certain amount of research will be suspended before entering.

Misunderstanding 3: underestimate the management of cables

As simple as it seems, cable management is often overloaded because it seems too simple. However, it is very important to optimize the path to the cable or peripheral equipment of the tool installed at the end of Industrial Robot arm for the movement of Industrial Robotics device. Lack of estimation of potential problems will lead to unnecessary actions of the robot to avoid entanglement and compression of cables. In addition, it is assumed that not using dynamic cables or reducing the pressure of cables may cause damage and shutdown of wires.
At present, the end effector of Industrial Robot is usually driven by gas or electric appliance, and it is inevitable that there will be corresponding air pipe or cable connection. Most of the industrial robots’ air circuits and electrical circuits go outside, so the robot motion control part should be paid attention to; There is also an industrial robot&Industrial Robotics whose air circuit and electrical circuit are built-in, which is very convenient. It is only necessary to think about the cable management when the arm and the end effector move relative to each other.

Misunderstanding 4: problems to be considered before selecting the system

After thinking about each application, after the system is installed, you can be sure that the applications in all aspects are your needs and avoid serious overspending caused by possible errors.
In addition to these, the working schedule of Industrial Robot is also one of the problems to be considered. When the travel is positive, it is not possible to determine whether the application requirements can be reached only according to the travel of Industrial Robot technical parameters. It is necessary to wait until the end effector is installed to determine whether the robot’s motion trajectory can reach the travel requirements. This is also one of the key reasons to stop the simulation in Industrial Robotics.

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For the environment, there will be customized industrial robots in different environments. For example, the spraying industry needs industrial robots with explosion-proof ability, which is different from standard robots and the use of clean rooms. The reliability of Industrial Robot, its defect rate, and the power consumption are all problems that must be considered when selecting the robot.

Misunderstanding 5: misunderstanding of accuracy and repeatability

An accurate machine is repeatable, but a repeatable machine does not necessarily have accuracy. Repeatability refers to the robot’s precise reciprocation between the given positions according to the regular working path.
Accuracy is expressed by moving to a calculated point accurately according to the working path. In the transportation movement, the robot moves to some fixed positions through calculation, and the precise performance of the robot is used. The accuracy is directly related to the mechanical tolerance and the accuracy of the robot arm.
Accuracy has a great relationship with the mechanical accuracy of the robot arm. The higher the accuracy, the higher the speed can be guaranteed. Industrial Robot reducer is an important key structure to ensure the accuracy of the robot.

Misunderstanding 6: only depending on the advantages and disadvantages of the control system

Most robot manufacturers think more about the controller of the robot than the mechanical performance. However, it is assumed that once the robot is configured, the normal operation time mainly depends on the durability of the machine. The loss of consumption ability of products is probably not caused by poor controllers and electronic equipment, but by poor mechanical performance.
Generally, the selection of Industrial Robot system is based on the user’s knowledge of the controller and software. Assuming that the robot has excellent mechanical performance at the same time, it will be a very competitive advantage. On the contrary, if the robot needs to stop maintenance from time to time after installation, the time-saving advantages brought by the control will be quickly consumed.
The mechanical part is the key to ensure the performance of industrial robots. The precision, speed and durability are all closely related to the mechanical part. The mechanism composition of the robot is relatively simple, and the common is the motor and reducer. It is very easy to assume that the selected robot often needs to repair the reducer or other mechanical structures.

Misunderstanding 7: no correct robot knowledge

Robot manufacturers and system integrators usually design a robot unit for one application. However, if users do not have the correct knowledge of robots, they may face failure. The use time of any consumer equipment is closely related to how users use and maintain the equipment. It is not uncommon for some first-time users to refuse training. The essential condition for a robot to adhere to normal work is to fully understand the talents of the robot and make the best use of them within the working range.
Industrial robot is a very special equipment, its operation complexity is no less than a CNC machine tool. Similarly, when using robots, it is necessary to be familiar with the basic safe operation methods of industrial robots, otherwise it is very unsafe for equipment and people. Operators using robots must receive safety operation training organized by the system manufacturer before they can operate.

Misunderstanding 8: neglecting the relevant equipment of robot application

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Teaching pendant, communication cable and some special software are usually required, but they are easily forgotten in the initial order. These will cause the whole plan to be delayed and exceed the budget. When selecting Industrial Robot products correctly, we should first look at our comprehensive needs and meet all aspects of equipment selection. It is very common that customers sometimes fail to integrate some key equipment and robots in order to save money.
At the beginning of the project, it is necessary to understand a series of contents such as relevant equipment and software required for the project. During the procurement process, relevant products shall be ordered according to the application requirements of the project.

Misunderstanding 9: overestimate or underestimate the robot control system

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Overestimating the ability of Industrial Robot control system will lead to repeated investment and waste of the system. It is very common to use double backup on safety circuit. However, overestimating the ability of the control system will lead to additional equipment costs, rework and delay costs. It is a common mistake to try to control too many I / O ports and increase the servo system.
Safety control is a very important issue. While considering safety, it is also necessary to optimize the safety logic signal of the application as much as possible. There is no need for repetition in the program.

Misunderstanding 10: not thinking about using robot technology

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Limited by the scope of investment in Industrial Robotics , people who lack knowledge of robotics and failed attempts to adopt robots in the past are the reasons why many people stay away from robotics. However, in order to win in the market competition, it is very important to get rid of the wrong robot technology in this respect. However, in many cases, it can help the overall consumption efficiency, market response time, increased consumption efficiency, simple operation, flexibility, reusability, reliability, precision and control ability, and can be used for a long time. These are the strong reasons for adopting Industrial Robot technology.



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