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Three Axis Gantry is a linear robot that XZ axis frame is set on two parallel Y axes (or auxiliary guide rails) to realize XYZ spatial movement.This is the most commonly used combination structure is suitable for the handling, taking and placing, positioning and other functions of workpieces.You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects.

XZ axis frame is set on two Y axes moving in parallel, and the double X axes are installed horizontally and vertically;The working range is XYZ space;Z-axis sliding seat is fixed to the X-axis sliding seat, and the Z-axis body moves up and down.

Stable structure, strong anti eccentric load capacity;Transmission mode: standard type: ball screw transmission (synchronous belt transmission is optional). Load: according to the actual model selection. Customized specifications.

It is applicable to the application of three-dimensional workpiece handling, transfer and walking track in horizontal plane.

The three-axis sliding platform (gantry type) is a three-axis motion system built by linear modules, which can realize three-dimensional space movement. The open or sealed structure is adopted, and the guide rail is equipped with a single slider. Both ends of the screw rod are fixed with bearings to improve stability. It is applicable to the conditions of medium low load, medium speed and stable operating environment.

Three-axis rolling sliding table is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It is compact and solid in structure, smooth in movement, and durable. With a controller, it can achieve high-precision three-dimensional space motion control, and can customize the length to solve the pain points of various industries, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor costs!

three axis gantry
A gantry is a type of frame used to support machinery, vehicles or other structures. It is also called a trolley, framework, rail and guide. A gantry’s structure is made up of several tubes or girders connected by guide rails. It allows for smooth movement as it transfers forces from its supports to its payload. Some gantries are used to support the weight of people walking on a floor. Heavy equipment can also be supported by gantries as it moves along a line.

Gantries are used in factories, workshops and space programs. They’re also used in construction, transportation, agriculture and other industries. Most industrial gantries are made of metal or steel, but some are made of wood. They’re usually rectangular in shape but can be shaped like an H or an L. A gantry’s length is measured by the longest side and its height is measured by the highest point of the structure. Some gantries are open-air while others are enclosed with a roof. They’re often anchored to the ground so they don’t move while supported by supports.

A gantry’s structure allows for smooth movement as it transfers forces from its supports to its payload. In construction, a gantry is used to move heavy equipment such as cement mixers or cranes through construction sites. Moving heavy equipment using a gantry reduces fatigue and injuries due to heat, vibration and weight from the equipment. Gantries can also be used to move people through a space without creating dangerous conditions for them. In space missions, astronauts are moved through spaceships using gantries. High-speed trains use gantries to quickly move between cities. Gantries can also be used to support heavy loads as part of a machine process or agricultural operation.

A gantry is a structure used to support machinery, vehicles or other structures- most commonly in industrial settings. It allows for smooth movement as it transfers forces from its supports to its payload. Used in construction, transportation and other industries, a gantry is an essential piece of equipment that saves lives and helps keep the world moving forward.




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