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Three finger Electric gripper can handle a wider range of objects, especially those with irregular shapes or multiple points of contact.Three Finger Electric Gripper from Tallman Robotics Limited has following special features:

  • The multi-function has four different grasping modes, kneading mode, wide mode, scissors mode and basic mode. You can choose almost anything.
  • Control fingers separately: get feedback from each finger to obtain firm grasping force and accuracy. Independent finger control can grasp objects of any size and shape as flexibly as human hands. It is a three finger electric gripper of multi-purpose mode.
  • Plug and play: with our three finger gripper, you can install and program your robot in a few minutes, and provide a plug + play integration package for the manipulator, which is easy to integrate and realize the intelligent automation of manual production,
  • Project innovation: inspired by examples of using our fixtures and sensors: remote operation, man-machine cooperation, mobile robot, box picking, matching and advanced assembly
  • Self centering alignment
  • Optional integrated built-in controller

Three Finger Electric Gripper Three Finger Electric Gripper Three Finger Electric Gripper


Detailed Technical Parameters of Three Finger Electric Gripper from Tallman Robotics Limited:

Description item

TM-MGBT Technical Parameters

Size number



Stroke (mm)






Maximum clamping force (n)




Force repeatability


Repeatability (mm)



Back lash (mm)

Below 0.05 on one side

Less than 0.1 on one side




Rated voltage (V)


Rated current (a)







Recommended environment

0 ~ 40 ℃, below 85% RH (without condensation)

Degree of protection


With the development of intelligent and digital factories, more and more factories begin to use Three Finger Electric Gripper from Tallman Robotics .Moreover, with the progress of science and technology, robot claws are becoming more and more flexible and can adapt to a variety of production environments.Among them, the three finger clamping claw is the most representative mechanical claw, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the factory.Compared with the previous two finger gripper, the three finger gripper has made obvious progress.

First of all,Three Finger Electric Gripper has higher accuracy control. It can determine the grasping position of objects by adding visual recognition and algorithm, and can meet the grasping of soft and hard objects of different sizes. it can adapt to objects of different shapes without replacing the end effector of the robot, and the application field is further expanded, which is not limited to the factory workshop.

Secondly, Three Finger Electric Gripper or  multifunctional three finger adaptive robot gripper pursues great function and flexibility, which is an ideal choice for manufacturing and robot research. It not only provides plug + play integration package for cooperative robots, supports ROS package, simple plug and play operation, and is fully compatible with most main streams. It is the key to the implementation of fine operation of robot manipulator.Industrial robot.

How The Three Finger Electric Gripper Is Changing Manufacturing

Three-Finger Electric Gripper is a cutting-edge device that is changing the landscape of manufacturing. This gripper is designed to replace the human hand in manufacturing tasks, providing a number of benefits including increased productivity, safety, and quality.

Three-Finger Electric Gripper is classified as a collaborative robot, or “cobot.” Cobots are designed to work alongside humans in manufacturing tasks, providing an extra set of hands (or in this case, fingers) to help with production.

Read on to learn more about how the Three Finger Electric Gripper is changing manufacturing for the better!

Productivity Gains with the Three Finger Electric Gripper:

Three-Finger Electric Gripper can help increase production significantly. This advanced device requires no human intervention, and can complete tasks quickly and with accuracy that humans cannot achieve. It is able to rapidly manipulate materials, reducing production time and lowering total cycle times. Additionally, the Three Finger Electric Gripper is provided with useful features such as vision systems and precise force control, enabling dexterous manipulation of materials with ease. Not only does this device help speed up production times, it can help reduce costs associated with manufacturing as well. The Three Finger Electric Gripper also reduces human fatigue and injuries associated with repetitive tasks. Since these tasks can be completed without human intervention, production staff can focus their attention on more complex areas of the manufacturing process. This reduces the risk of injuries and can help with employee retention, as employees can be given more interesting and engaging tasks.

Increased Safety with the Three Finger Electric Gripper:

This Electric Gripper is designed with safety in mind. This cobot utilizes a safety-concept design that helps minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. This design includes a product protection concept, which helps protect personnel and products from damage and malfunctions. Additionally, This Finger Electric Gripper is provided with a pressure-sensitive design, making it safe to use around humans. These features improve the safety of the work environment and help create a secure manufacturing environment. This Electric Gripper also helps reduce the risks associated with manual tasks, as the device does not require human interaction. By streamlining production tasks,This Electric Gripper eliminates the need for manual labor and reduces the risk of harm. The device also helps by providing a consistent level of quality, eliminating the need for continually modified production processes.

Quality Improvements with the Three Finger Electric Gripper:

This Electric Gripper is designed to provide consistent quality products. This device utilizes features such as vision systems and force control to consistently manipulate materials with precision. This consistency of quality helps reduce variability in manufacturing, resulting in more accurate and reliable products. The Three-Finger Electric Gripper also helps to improve product quality by reducing the risk of contamination. Manual processes are susceptible to cross-contamination from human contact, which can lead to product recalls or other production issues. The Three-Finger Electric Gripper eliminates this risk as the device does not require direct human contact in order to perform its tasks.

How the Three Finger Electric Gripper Is Changing Manufacturing:

This Electric Gripper is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. This cobot provides a number of benefits for production staff, including increased productivity and safety, as well as improved quality. Additionally, This Electric Gripper can help reduce costs associated with production, providing a more cost-effective means of producing quality products. This Electric Gripper is also helping to create a safer work environment. This cobot helps reduce the chance of injury or harm present in manual processes, while also eliminating the risk of contamination in products. Additionally, these devices can help create more interesting and engaging tasks for production staff, resulting in less fatigue and an improved work environment. Overall, the Three-Finger Electric Gripper is an invaluable tool for modern manufacturers. This device provides a number of benefits and will continue to revolutionize the manufacturing industry in the years to come.