Three Jaw Electric Grippers are Delivered to Germany

Three Jaw Electric Grippers from Tallman Robotics are ready for delivery to Germany.

Versatility and flexibility of this three finger adaptive robot gripper are very high, can grasp objects of any shape.

Max Stroke ( mm ):30mm
Max.Gripping force ( N ):80N
Repeatability ( mm ):±0.02
Rated voltage ( V ):24V
Rated current ( A ):4A
Weight ( kg ): 2.2kgs

  1. Three Jaw Electric Grippers can be plug and play integrated into all robot products.
  2. You can control the gripper through TM software.
  3. Adjust the position, speed and clamping force of the clamping jaw until it can firmly grasp the object.
  4. The three finger gripper design is firm and reliable. It adopts all metal structure and has a high levelof payload, which has been tested by the market for a long time.
  5. Large range of travel, can handle a variety of part sizes;
  6. Accurate center positioning without too much programming;
  7. It has three contact points, which are firm and stable, and can be deployed quickly;

Operation mode of this type of three finger electric grippers :

  1. Three Jaw Electric Grippers have four clamping modes and can grasp almost everything:
  2. Pinch clamping mode
  3. Wide opening clamping mode
  4. Scissors clamping mode
  5. Basic clamping mode
    You can also control each finger individually and get feedback separately.

Three Jaw Electric Grippers are Suitable for grasping various cylindrical objects. The gripper designcan automatically center the workpiece, so as to realize rapid deployment, and ensure stable and firm clamping and accurate placement.
Three Jaw Electric Grippers can grab fingers with large size, relatively cumbersome and inflexibleoperation. Like all TM grippers, it can be seamlessly integrated with the robot of your choice.



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