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Timing Belt Ring Guide Rail of Synchronous Belt Drive Ring Guide Rail (Ring Guide Rail Assembly Line) : 
There are many kinds of transmission modes for the circular guide rail transmission line, including synchronous belt transmission, wheel hub transmission, cam disc transmission, chain transmission, etc. among them, the synchronous belt transmission circular transmission line has the advantages of high speed, high rigidity, accurate stop and low noise.  

Timing Belt Connection in Timing Belt Ring Guide Rail Type Features: Load capacity ≤ 15kg. Advantage:
● Low noise
● Free of oil and dust
● Lubrication free
● High cost performance
● Simple assembly and commissioning
Suitable for light load, dust-free workshop and other scenes.


Timing Belt Ring Guide Rail

Timing Belt Ring Guide Rail is also called circular guide rail. The installation method of curved guide rail system is more flexible. It can take the whole circular guide rail as the base, install the rotating parts on it, and drive the parts to rotate by rotating the circular guide rail. It is suitable for continuous movement and intermittent movement. The sliding seat can be stopped at any position or multiple positions in the system through pre programming. So what is the composition structure of curved guide rail system?
1. The aluminum alloy profile and T-shaped guide bar parallel line guide rail are fixed on the aluminum material according to the T-shaped guide bar.
2. The surface of the chain link block is processed by precision machining, and the installation holes and accurate positioning holes have been produced for a long time. It is convenient to install fixtures on it. According to the customized length, the head and tail of the corresponding number of chain link blocks are butted to form the chain link strip.
3. The parallel line guide rail is installed on both sides and is the rolling rail of the chain link block.
4. The installation plate of circular guide rail is made of thick steel plate, the surface is processed by precision machining, and the installation hole of high-precision circular guide rail and shaft tenon are drilled to fix the fixed position; Both sides of the mounting plate are laid on the aluminum material; The fusion of circular arc guide rail and parallel line guide rail is on the circular arc guide rail mounting plate. This mounting plate is also a push shaft tenon Fixed mounting base of driven axle. Push the shaft tenon according to the adjustment The relative position in the middle of the driven wheel shaft can complete the tensioning of the chain link of the circular guide rail.
5. The rotating shaft is connected with the servo motor of the driven wheel and the motor of the reducer. The rotating shaft runs to push the chain link to exercise together, and the driven wheel rotates with the chain link. The most important feature of TallMan Robotics high precision chain conveyor is: high stiffness, No return deviation, Without secondary precise positioning, high precision (0.05mm), fast pace, low maintenance, maintenance time up to one year.

Timing Belt Ring Guide Rail

Timing Belt Ring Guide Rail from Tallman Robotics can reduce production beat, improve the design and reasonable layout of mechanical equipment, save indoor space and labor cost. High precision chain link conveyor of curved rail guide is especially suitable for multi process production line using installation automation technology. There is no the disadvantege that must be accurately positioned twice, large damage Large inertia force from linear or disc equipment at this stage. You are welcome to to watch our video centre for more projects or news or visit our website load down e-catalogues for further technical data.




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