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Two Axis Translation Stage are as named as two-dimensional electric translation platform.

Two Axis Translation Stages are a type of device used in precision automation and robotics, where multiple axes of linear motion are required to be controlled and moved accurately. They typically consist of two linear axes, a motor, and a drive mechanism which allow for precise control of both axes. These can be used in applications such as robotic assembly, packaging, and inspection.

1: The standard stepper motor can be equipped with the motion controller.Two Axis Translation Stages can be automatically controlled by connecting the computer through USB to RS485 interface;
2: Two Axis Translation Stages:Two-axis integrated design, compact structure, and high accuracy of two-axis orthogonality;
3: The guide rail adopts cross rollers and fine grinding V-shaped guide rail, which is comfortable in movement, high in accuracy and large in load;
4: The stepper motor and the ball screw are connected by high-quality elastic coupling, with synchronous transmission and low noise;
5: Two Axis Translation Stages are threaded holes and through holes with standard hole spacing in the center, which is convenient for installation and fixation;
6: The structure design of Two Axis Translation Stages is small and light, suitable for low speed and scientific test;
7. The fixed way of the guide rail reduces the pitch and yaw of the translation platform, and greatly improves the parallelism of the motion;
8: Precise square guide rail, comfortable in movement, with the function of lateral adjustment of guide rail preload and clearance elimination, which can be used in multiple combinations;
9: Two Axis Translation Stages can be replaced with servo motor and grating ruler to support product improvement and customized service.

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Two Axis Translation StagesTwo Axis Translation StagesTwo Axis Translation StagesTwo Axis Translation StagesTwo Axis Translation StagesTwo Axis Translation Stages

Two Axis Translation Stages

Two Axis Translation Stages

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