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UVW Stages: The visual positioning detection of UVW alignment platform is mainly used in exposure machine, bonding machine, mask printing machine, WAFER alignment, part installation, PCB drilling machine, LCD lighting characteristic inspection, cutting machine, placement machine (LCD/FPC), screen printing machine and other occasions.

UVW stages are a tool used in 3D modeling and animation, which stands for the three axes of movement in 3D space: Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Back. Each axis of movement is referred to as a stage, and allows you to move and manipulate objects in 3D space. 

Part NumberTM-U1-1212TM-U1-1616XTM-U1-1616TM-U1-2525TM-U1-2525G
Part NumberTM-U1-3535TM-U1-3535GTM-U1-4545TM-U1-4545G
PhotoUVW StagesUVW StagesUVW StagesUVW Stages

UVW Stages

UVW Stages

Features of UVW alignment platform vision system:
1. Large products with high precision
Multi-camera matching application realizes high precision of large products and high precision of repeated positioning
The multi-camera matching application can be compatible with the positioning detection of large and small products, and 1~8 cameras can be matched according to the detection requirements.
2. Compatibility
It can meet various visual needs, from the positioning, detection, recognition and measurement of geometric objects
Compatible with mainstream robots and various PLC control systems to realize seamless docking
3. Easy to use
Drag and drop between tools can realize fast numerical value, result and image link.The tool group can be reused and shorten the time of application development.

UVW alignment platform is the mechanical execution part of high-precision visual alignment system. UVW alignment platform, also known as XXY and XYR alignment platform, belongs to three-axis parallel motion mechanism. The UVW platform can realize the device of rotating motion with any point on the plane as the center, and can translate in any direction. The UVW platform and the ccd vision automatic alignment system are docked together, which can quickly complete the high-precision deviation correction work and the repeated positioning accuracy is high.

UVW alignment platform adopts ultra-thin, lightweight platform-Mini modular structure design to realize thin and light mechanism without center seat. Pre-pressure is applied through special cross roller bearing to achieve high rigidity and high precision performance. It can be used as an optical inspection device or a conductivity tester, and a lubrication system is added to each moving track to improve the service life and accuracy of the alignment platform. All materials are treated by ultra-deep cooling, which can effectively prevent deformation, greatly improve service life, quality and efficiency, and implement three-dimensional full inspection to ensure ex-factory accuracy and quality.

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