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What Are The Components Of Multi Axis Manipulator?

Do you know What are the components of multi axis manipulator?

Practice has proved that the multi axis linear module is mainly used in the mechanical structure with high accuracy requirements. There is no intermediate medium between the moving element and the fixed element, and the rolling steel ball is used, so it can meet the requirements of accuracy.

Now, with the continuous expansion of career planning in China’s power industry and urban rail transit industry, the demand for multi axis linear moduels is also growing rapidly. So what are the components of a functional multi axis manipulators?

1.Actuator: the actuator of multi axis robots is an important part of the performance procedure, including hand, wrist, arm, column and other components. During operation, it touches the object through the hand. According to the different touch methods of the object, there are different hand methods of clamping type and adsorption type, Through the combined effect of these parts, the object is grabbed and transported to the specified direction.

2.The driving system is a stable XYZ gantry robot, which is used to drive the actuator to move accurately. Generally speaking, the driving system of multi axis manipulator is divided into four different ways: hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission, electric transmission and mechanical transmission.

3.Control system multi axis manipulator has two types: electrical control and jet control. Generally, the most common is the electrical control system. It is an important part of the manipulator. It can distribute the multi axis manipulator to move according to the regular program, servo the electric cylinder, and remember the command information given to the manipulator by the operator, such as action sequence, motion trajectory, motion speed and time. Together, it can also announce instructions to the actuator according to the control information, supervise the action of the manipulator when necessary, and announce the alarm signal when the action is wrong or faulty. In addition to these three components, the multi axis manipulator also has orientation detection equipment, which can feed back the motion orientation of the actuator to the control system, adjust it according to the setting information, and then ensure that the multi axis manipulator can move accurately. It is precisely because the manipulator has these reasonably planned components that the linear motor can provide higher intelligence for the production of enterprises.

Single axis multi axis manipulator is a kind of high-tech automatic production equipment developed in recent decades, and it is also an important branch of industrial robot.

The accuracy of micro single axis multi axis manipulator and the ability to complete the operation in various environments also promote the development of industry. Now let’s understand the components of a single axis multi axis manipulator with stable quality.

1.Actuator the actuator of a single axis multi axis manipulator is composed of hand, wrist, arm and strut. Hand is a grasping mechanism, which is used to clamp and loosen the workpiece. It is similar to human fingers and can complete the similar actions of human hands. Wrist is an element connecting fingers and arms, which can perform up and down, left and right and reverse movements. A simple manipulator can have no wrist. A single axis arm column is used to support the arm and can also be moved as needed.

2.The action of the actuator of the transmission system shall be completed by the transmission system. The commonly used transmission system of single shaft multi shaft manipulator is divided into mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission and electric transmission, which can distribute the various components of the actuator through the power generated by the transmission system.

3.Control system the main effect of the single axis multi axis manipulator control system is to control the manipulator to act according to a certain procedure, direction, orientation and speed. The simple manipulator generally does not set a special control system, but only selects the travel switch, relay, DC manipulator control valve and circuit to complete the control of the transmission system, Make the actuator act as required. The manipulator with complex action should be controlled by programmable controller and microcomputer.

These are several important components of single axis multi axis manipulator. If a perfect manipulator wants to imitate the action of human arm, it needs to go through the fine cooperation of these components, so that it can accurately perform the set procedures and complete various production actions.