What Are The Main Types Of Linear Actuators?

What are the main types of linear Linear Actuators/Linear Modules?

There are many types of Linear Modules, and the functions and characteristics of each classification are different. When selecting, users can select the appropriate linear module equipment through the functions they need to complete. In order to make it easier for users to select Linear Actuators in practice, let’s understand the main types of linear modules with guaranteed quality. synchronous belt linear module, which can complete long-distance transmission and transportation, and has synchronous belt instead of ball screw. It has no risk in operation, strong speed limit, practicability, and is very convenient in device protection. It can save cost for users to the greatest extent. This type of linear module is often used in active welding, cutting, dispensing, transfer Operation on equipment such as loading and unloading. type ball screw linear module, which is mainly composed of motor, coupling, ball screw, bearing seat, motor seat, adapter seat and other modules. The servo electric cylinder is very simple and convenient in the process of installation, so there is no need for customers to carry out complex planning, and the protection is very convenient. Open type ball screw linear module is often used for gluing and welding.

3.semi closed synchronous belt linear module. This module is an integrated product made of aluminum raw materials. The semi closed type is more dust-proof and debris proof, and the types and varieties are also very rich. There are many standard product types from small to large, and the linear motor can be used to complete a variety of functions on various equipment; With the characteristics of high load and high thrust, it is a linear module product with very high selection rate.

4.semi closed ball screw linear module. This kind of module also has the function of dust prevention. The raw material of stainless steel strip is selected, which not only has the function of dust prevention, but also has a very good splash prevention function. This high-quality linear module is very common in planning. The micro electric steel has the characteristics of anti-wear function, long service life, compact structure and strong universality, and can be applied to all kinds of equipment.

5. fully enclosed synchronous belt linear module. This linear slide adds stainless steel belt dust-proof structure on the basis of semi enclosed type, which is more beautiful and generous in planning. The single shaft arm can be used in occasions with high dust-proof requirements, and can also carry out transfer operation between various long-distance processes, with very low noise during operation, The length of the linear module can be customized according to the practical needs of users.

6.fully enclosed ball screw linear module. This linear actuator adds stainless steel belt dust-proof structure on the basis of semi enclosed module. The direct manipulator is not only more beautiful in appearance planning, but also reduces the size of the product as much as possible in volume planning, so as to maximize the role of the product on the premise of saving space, Moreover, the appearance and touch are smooth and free from dust and sundries, which is very convenient for sorting. It can also be used in various occasions with dust-proof needs.



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