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What are the Structure and Characteristics of Sliding Table of Linear Module Driven by Timing Belt?

Structure and characteristics of sliding table of linear module driven by synchronous belt:
Timing belt driven modules slide is one of the widely used types in linear module, and plays an indispensable role in the development of industrial automation. Compared with the screw driven linear module, what is its structure and characteristics?

Composition and working principle of synchronous belt linear module:

1.Aluminum alloy profile
The aluminum alloy profile with strong rigidity and light body ensures the high precision of the Timing belt driven module.

2.Bearing and bearing pedestal
Tonor products adopt brand high rigidity and high precision bearings and bearing seats to ensure the operation stability, accuracy and service life of the module.

3.Synchronous belt and synchronous wheel
The belt is an important transmission part of the linear module, which is processed by high-quality rubber and steel wire. Its quality and processing process are important factors affecting the speed, accuracy and transmission efficiency of Timing belt driven module.

Connect the motor and the belt module body for transmitting torque and power output,

5.Linear guide rail
The linear guide rail with high rigidity, high manufacturing accuracy and high wear resistance can better guide and support the components for high-load and high-precision reciprocating linear motion, and prolong the service life of Timing belt driven module.

It can realize high-precision reciprocating linear motion of the module under high load

7.Limit switch
Realize the high-precision positioning function of module slide

The working principle of the synchronous belt module is that the synchronous belt is installed on the transmission shaft on both sides ofTiming belt driven module sliding table as the power input shaft, and the sliding block is driven to move through the synchronous belt. The tightness of the synchronous belt on one side can be adjusted through the elastic devices at both ends of the sliding block.
The features of synchronous belt linear module include:

1.Simple structure, strong applicability, easy to use, adjust and maintain

2.Low noise, fast speed, up to 2 ~ 3m / s

3.The stroke is longer than that of screw type module

4.High cost performance

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