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What Can Rotating Grippers Do?

Rotating Grippers from Tallman Robotics Limited, as the world’s first electric gripper that can complete the tasks of clamping and infinite rotation, at the same time, this intelligent force controll electric grippers, with end execution, provide more possibilities for intelligent manufacturing with greater clamping force, greater torque and smaller volume.

At present, in the process of medical biological testing, it is necessary to open and sample the vacuum test tube with samples and operate the upper cover. Manual operation of the opening and closing cover of the sample test tube not only has low efficiency, high labor intensity and high cost, but also is easy to infect bacteria, which is harmful to the health of operators. At the same time, manual operation will increase the possibility of sample pollution and affect the accuracy of culture results and test results.

In this context, our company launched this Rotating Grippers with two axis and integrated rotation and clamping function, which support infinite rotation and relative rotation. Rotating Grippers have the advantages of long service life, small volume and easy integration. It can be widely used in 3C, medical, biological, chemical, new retail and various industrial manufacturing. It can be used for assembly, automatic code scanning, sample sorting, centrifugation, capping, analysis, capping, storage, transmission of results, etc.

Once Rotating Grippers are on the market, it has received the attention of customers related to medical laboratory automation equipment.
Rotating Grippers developed by our company have applied for a number of core patents. Combined with the use of general consumables, it has the advantages of low cost, simple replacement and easy operation.

Rotating Grippers can be quickly disassembled, and can be used for tube clamping, fixing, liquid transfer and other operations. It can also be used to automatically switch various threaded covers in the experiment, so that the original tube of the acquisition tube can be covered and loaded with samples. Cooperating with the robot, it can realize automatic cover opening, liquid transfer and detection.

Rotating parallel grippers or rotary clamping claws are electric servo rotary parallel clamping claws, which can be installed on four sides, and the top outlet. The rotating part of the clamping claw is equipped with a pair of parallel fingertips, which move symmetrically in the opposite or back direction during the movement, and can realize infinite rotation according to the setting requirements at the same time. The two movements can be carried out synchronously or step by step.

Rotating Grippers can program and adjust the clamping displacement, running speed and rotation angle of the clamping claw, which can be configured in any combination. It is controlled by USB serial port communication or digital IO or analog signal communication, and can be read through digital IO or ad analog signal programming output.

The rotation of the infinite rotation clamping jaw can be adjusted as needed, the torque, torque and opening displacement can be adjusted, and the automatic cover opening link is flexible and controllable.