What Industries are Linear Motion Modules Mainly Used In?

Application of linear module & Linear Motion Modules (linear motion guide module pack) from Tallman Robotics Limited.

Linear Motion Modules, many people have never heard of the termas, linear module, but if you specifically talk about its purpose, you may have heard or even understood this precision automation product. It refers to the general name of devices that can realize linear motion in the industrial field, also known as positioning module.

Linear Motion Modules

What industries are Linear Motion Modules mainly used in?
1、 Handling operation of production line
Using the high load and high-speed operation characteristics of the linear module to carry out the article handling operation on the conveyor belt;
2、 Taking and placing of large items
Using the high load and high positioning accuracy of the linear module to replace the manual handling of large items;
3、 Take and place of tool machining
Using the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and high-speed operation stability of linear module, it is matched with tool machine to implement the loading and unloading mechanism of machined parts;
4、 Taking and placing the whole train of IC
Taking advantage of the characteristic that the linear module can move accurately, the module sliding table connected by two axes and matched with fixture or suction cup can be assembled into a taking and placing mechanism;
5、 Print job of IC
The linear module can move at an equal speed and at an equal distance to perform the laser printing operation;
6、 Whole train operation of packaging
Using the characteristics of high positioning and high precision of linear module, it is used to do the action of the whole row on the conveyor belt;
7、 Assembly of parts
Using the characteristics of multi-point positioning and accurate positioning of linear module, the assembly operation of parts can be carried out smoothly;
8、 Cutting operation of PCB circuit board
Using the constant speed and stable movement characteristics of the linear module, combined with the cutter mechanism to perform the cutting operation;
9、 Printing of PCB substrate
Using the constant speed and stable movement characteristics of Linear Motion Modules, the substrate is fixed on the moving seat of linear motion guide module pack to perform the word spraying operation;
Linear Motion Modules play an important role in manufacturing. Enterprises or factories should be careful in screening to avoid errors, leading to product instability or final failure.

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