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Which Function Of Electric Gripper is Most Commonly Used?

Which function of electric gripper(electric claws) is most commonly used?

Many enterprises have formulated the practice of intelligent manufacturing.
Electric gripper operation standard is a standard formulated for the operation items that need to be reconciled and unified in the scope of enterprise standardization. It is a rule made for the operation scope, obligation, authority and operation quality of people or groups. As an important content of industrial engineering, standardization can make the implementation of intelligent manufacturing more effective and produce the greatest value, Common changes on non-standard.

Many enterprises have always formulated the implementation strategy of intelligent manufacturing, hoping to use the technology of intelligent manufacturing to improve the competitive benefits of enterprises. The author has done consulting services for many enterprises that have suspended the transformation of intelligent manufacturing. In the process of consulting services, it is found that some enterprises can start from their ideal situation, start from the foundation, and systematically suspend industrial upgrading and transformation step by step.

The cost is low, and the overload can be maintained automatically. Due to the compressibility of the air, the stability of the working speed is slightly poor, but the selection of Electric Grippers will achieve more satisfactory results.

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