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Two axis cantilever manipulator can be understood as X/Y Gantry Robots,X/Y Gantry Systems  etc.You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects.

The X axis cantilever extends, and the X axis is installed on the Y axis slider
The most commonly used combination structure of ‎X/Y Gantry Systems is suitable for the handling, taking and placing, positioning and other functions of workpieces.

Model Selection Guide of X/Y Gantry Robots or ‎X/Y Gantry Systems :

When selecting a multi axis combined manipulator, follow the following selection steps:
Step 1: Check the combination style of X/Y Gantry Robots according to the customer’s requirements.
Step 2: Check the weight of the load to be handled.
Step 3: Check the working stroke of each shaft.
Step 4: Check the repeated positioning accuracy and moving speed of each axis.
Step 5: Check the type and power (or torque value) of each shaft motor.
Step 6: Check the specifications of each shaft and the motor installation style.
Step 7: Check the layout scheme of wiring duct and specifications of drag chain.
Step 8: Consideration and verification of other special working conditions.
Step 9: Check the final model and confirm the 2D/3D CAD drawing of X/Y Gantry Robots.

Drive mode: ball screw drive, synchronous belt drive
Our X/Y Gantry Robots are widely used in industries such as dispensing, spraying, welding, packaging, handling, typesetting, plane inkjet printer, plane printer, laser cutting bed, mechanical cutting bed, lettering machine, photovoltaic backplane cutting and film engraving machine, conveying manipulator, photography slide, and various automatic equipment, auxiliary equipment, electric slide, scientific research experiment or function demonstration platform.

Why X/Y Gantry Robots Will Take Over The Manufacturing Industry

The future of manufacturing is here, and it’s in the form of gantry robots. Gantry robots have been around for a while, but Tallman Robotics has taken them to the next level. With a unique design and state-of-the-art technology, Tallman Robotics’ gantry robots are set to take over the manufacturing industry. Here’s why:
1. They’re faster and more efficient than traditional methods.
2. They’re versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks.
3. They’re more accurate, which leads to less waste.
4. They’re easier to use, so you don’t need a team of experts to operate them.
5. They’re environmentally friendly and have a small footprint.
To learn more about Tallman Robotics and their gantry robots, visit their website today www.tallman-robotics.com.

What are X/Y Gantry Robots?

X/Y Gantry Robots are a type of advanced robotic system used for advanced automated manufacturing. Unlike traditional robots, these gantry robots are able to move swiftly and accurately in both the X and Y directions. Instead of relying on just an arm and a turning wheel, as is common with traditional robots, these highly advanced robots feature two linked arms with powerful precision motors, capable of fantastic speeds and accuracy. Gantry robots provide far greater maneuverability and range, and can be programmed to do an almost limitless number of tasks, with the only limitation being the size of the robot itself. Tallman Robotics is a leading manufacturer of X/Y Gantry Robots, with their robots featuring state-of-the-art technology and engineering. Utilizing the latest technologies, Tallman Robotics’ robots are capable of amazing speeds and impeccable precision. Combining their high speed and precision capabilities with a multitude of interchangeable hardware options, Tallman Robotics’ gantry robots are rapidly becoming the go-to choice for automated manufacturing tasks.

What are the benefits of using X/Y Gantry Robots?

The benefits of using X/Y Gantry Robots are numerous, making them the ideal choice for many manufacturing tasks. From their remarkable speed and accuracy to their small footprint and environmental friendliness, these robots are the perfect way to ramp up any manufacturing process. For starters, X/Y Gantry Robots are incredibly fast and accurate, making them much more efficient than traditional methods. Thanks to their dual arms and powerful motors, these robots can move at speeds up to 200 metres per second and perform complicated movements with pinpoint accuracy. This allows manufacturers to quickly and accurately complete tasks without having to waste time or resources. In addition to their speed and accuracy, X/Y Gantry Robots are also versatile. With the ability to be outfitted with a variety of interchangeable hardware, these robots can be used for a wide range of tasks. This makes them an ideal choice for companies with a variety of different tasks that need to be performed quickly and accurately.

How will X/Y Gantry Robots take over the manufacturing industry?

X/Y Gantry Robots are already taking over the manufacturing industry, with more and more manufacturers turning to these advanced robotic systems to automate their processes. With the rising cost of labour and the increasing demand for faster, more efficient production, manufacturers are looking to gantry robots to speed up their operations and increase their profits. The advantages of X/Y Gantry Robots go far beyond just speed and accuracy. In addition to their highly efficient operation, these robots also boast a small footprint, making them the perfect choice for companies with limited space. Thanks to their low power consumption and advanced safety features, these robots are also much more environmentally friendly than traditional manufacturing processes. The combination of speed, accuracy, versatility, and cost-effectiveness makes X/Y Gantry Robots the perfect choice for any manufacturing application. With advanced technologies, user-friendly interfaces, and cutting-edge design, these robots are revolutionizing the industry, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.


X/Y Gantry Robots from Tallman Robotics are set to take over the manufacturing industry. With their impressive speed and accuracy, their versatile hardware options, their small footprint, and their advanced safety features, these robots are the perfect choice for manufacturers looking to increase their efficiency and reduce their costs. From their impressive performance to their environmentally friendly output, X/Y Gantry Robots are changing the way the world does business. To learn more about these revolutionary robots, contact Tallman Robotics today.