XY Cartesian Gantry Systems are being produced and will be ready for delivery to Germany

XY Cartesian Gantry Systems(XY cartesian gantry system control),XY Cartesian Gantry Robots will be transported to client from Germany.

What is a gantry robot?
The gantry robot consists of a manipulator mounted on an overhead system, which allows movement across a horizontal plane.

Gantry robot is also called Cartesian robot or linear robot,XY Cartesian Gantry Systems. They are usually large systems including XY cartesian gantry system control that perform selection and placement of applications, but they can also be used for welding and other applications.

Gantry robot system has the advantages of large working area and high positioning accuracy. Positioning accuracy is the ability of a robot to place parts correctly. Gantry robots are easier to program on motion because they work with X, Y, Z coordinate systems. Another advantage is that they are less constrained by floor space constraints.

Cartesian robot is an industrial robot. Its three main control axes are linear (that is, they move in a straight line instead of rotating), and they are at right angles to each other. The three sliding joints correspond to the up and down, inside and outside, back and forth movements of the wrist, which can be automatically controlled and repeatedly programmed, and the degree of freedom of motion only includes three-dimensional orthogonal translation.

With the improvement of production line automation, robots are used more and more, and XY Cartesian Gantry Systems are very popular in the market. In order to improve the production efficiency and production safety, many processing enterprises have begun to use gantry robots for processing automation production. The use of automatic production equipment is bound to highlight the production strength of enterprises and improve the competitiveness of the market, which is the inevitable trend of industrial production and processing.

Each motion axis of XY Cartesian Gantry Systems usually corresponds to the X axis, Y axis and Z axis in the rectangular coordinate system. The X and Y axes are the axes of motion in the horizontal plane, while the Z axis is the axis of up and down motion. Therefore, it can be divided into 2x-y-z, 2x-2y-z and xy-x robots by type. It analyzes and processes various input signals through the controller, makes relevant logical judgments, and issues executive commands to each output element to complete the joint movement between the X, y, z axes, so as to realize a complete set of fully automatic work flow.

XY Cartesian Gantry Systems can be used in many fields, mainly for positioning, transportation and welding. It plays a very important role in stabilizing, improving product quality, improving labor productivity, improving working conditions and rapid product upgrading.



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