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XY Gantry Linear Slides Will Be Delivered to Russia

XY Gantry Linear Slides will be ready for delivery to Russia. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects with XY Gantry Linear Slides or other products, Electric Grippers, Linear Rotating Grippers.

From Descartes to Gantry System
Gantry robot is an improved version of Cartesian robot, which uses two X (or base) axes(XY Gantry Linear Slides) instead of a single base axis in Cartesian coordinate system. The extra X-axis (sometimes the extra Y-axis and Z-axis) allows the robot to handle more loads and forces, making it an ideal choice for picking and placing heavy loads or parts handling. Each axis is based on a linear module, which means that almost unlimited selection allows any combination of high speed, long stroke, heavy load and high positioning accuracy. The special requirements for harsh environment or low noise are easily included. If the application requires simultaneous but independent processes.

Gantry robots are usually installed in the work area, but if the parts are not suitable for processing from above, such as in the case of solar cells and modules, the gantry can be configured to work from below the parts. Although gantry robots are generally considered to be very large systems, they are also suitable for smaller, even desktop sized machines.

Two axes are better than one
Since the linear module gantry structure(XY Gantry Linear Slides) has two X-axes or base axes, the moment load and working payload presented by the Y-axis and z-axis will be analyzed as the force on the x-axis. This significantly improves the stiffness of the system and in most cases allows the shaft to have a longer stroke length and higher speed than similar Cartesian robots.
Although articulated and SCARA robots are easy to identify and Cartesian robots are widely deployed, the gantry linear module design overcomes its inherent limitations in load, speed, range and repeatability, and has special customization and flexibility.
We provide linear module structures(XY Gantry Linear Slides) that can be assembled into many different configurations; For example, XY platform, XYZ platform. You can choose your own series, stroke and lead screw pitch combination on each axis to build the stage you need.

What is the gantry robot?
① The gantry robot is composed of a manipulator installed on the overhead system, which allows movement across the horizontal plane.
② Gantry robots are also called Cartesian robots or linear robots. They are usually large systems that perform selection and placement of applications, but they can also be used for welding and other applications.
③ The gantry robot system has the advantages of large working area and high positioning accuracy. Positioning accuracy is the ability of a robot to place parts correctly.

Gantry robots(XY Gantry Linear Slides) are easier to program on motion because they work with X, Y, Z coordinate systems. Another advantage is that they are less constrained by floor space constraints.
Characteristics of gantry robot
Worry free installation
Belt driven linear module
High speed automation