XY Gantry Stages are Finished for Clients from Malaysia

XY Gantry Stages,XY and XYZ gantry stage systems will be delviered to clients from Malaysia.

XY and XYZ gantry stage systems

XY gantry stages:
Gantry XY axis slide module manipulator can be divided into single-sided drive and double X-axis drive. Single-sided drive of gantry XY axis slide module manipulator or XY and XYZ gantry stage systems is composed of multiple parallel Y-axes when the x-axis is long and the force arm is large.

With its stable structure and strong thrust, gantry XY axis slide module is widely used in handling, assembly, testing, packaging, polishing, stacking and spraying equipment.

It is only necessary to install the workpieces required by various industries on its slider and set a set of appropriate programs to realize the work of automatic circular linear motion of workpieces, commonly known as automatic manipulator.

X-axis frame is arranged on two parallel moving Y-axes;
The working range is XY plane; Z-axis actuator can be installed;
It is suitable for two-dimensional workpiece handling, load transfer, travel path and other applications in the horizontal plane.
Combination of XYZ gantry coordinate manipulator *xz axis frame is set on two equal moving Y axes, and the working range is XYZ plane; The z-axis body is fixed on the x-axis sliding seat, and the z-axis sliding seat moves up and down; Double Y-axis realizes single drive with linkage rod;

Gantry manipulator, also known as gantry truss robot, is a fully automatic industrial equipment based on the right angle X, y, Z coordinate system, which can adjust the position of the workpiece or realize the trajectory movement of the workpiece. Its control core is realized through industrial controllers (such as PLC, motion control, etc.). Through the analysis and processing of various input (various sensors, buttons, etc.) signals by the controller, after making certain logical judgments, the controller issues executive commands to each output element (relay, motor driver, indicator light, etc.) to complete the joint movement between the X, y, z axes, so as to realize a complete set of fully automatic operation process.

Function Description: the overall function of the product is to help customers solve the problems of low efficiency or high handling risk of various materials, so as to facilitate and quickly reduce the handling risk, save time, labor, and even replace labor.

The features are as follows:

  1. Specialization – the equipment meets the industrial quality standards;
  2. uniqueness – it is applied to different industries and different handling methods of different products, which can be customized according to the existing operations of the factory;
  3. Safety – reduce the danger and injury to workers’ products caused by heavy objects or harmful substances, with high safety;
  4. high efficiency – each axis runs in a straight line at a very high speed, and the servo motor can respond quickly;
  5. high precision – minimal repeatability error, up to ± 0.05mm; The positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm (based on the production cost, the positioning accuracy can be appropriately enlarged according to the service conditions);
  6. high intensity – 7×24 hours of work;
  7. high cost performance – compared with joint robot, its load weight is large and its production cost is low, which is suitable for the basic national conditions of “intelligent manufacturing”;
  8. simple operation – based on rectangular coordinate system, its motion parameters are relatively simple.

Product application: it is used in the assembly and transportation operation site of products, and is also widely used in the transportation system of other industries and unmanned operation site. It can be used as an important peripheral equipment for temporary storage and logistics to flexibly match with the host equipment for convenient use. Industries involved in application: General Assembly, part assembly, testing, commissioning and transportation of products in automobile industry, mechanical and electrical products, instruments and meters, hardware tools, toys, daily-use chemicals, food and other industries.

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