XY gantry will be delivered to Denmark

XY gantry from Tallman Robotics Limited will be delivered to Denmark. You are welcome to to watch our video centre for more projects or visit our website to check other series or load down e-catalogues for further technical data.

XY gantry Cross slide stands for X axis horizontally and Y axis horizontally (for example, vertical axis stands for Z axis vertically). When the midpoints of the two axes coincide, it looks like the Chinese character “cross”, so it is called cross slide, also known as cross module. The working principle of the cross sliding table is that it is fixed on the sliding blocks of another group of sliding tables through a group of linear electric sliding tables. For example, the cross slide table fixes the X axis on the Y axis slide table (or fixes the Z axis on the X axis), so that the slider on the X axis (or Z axis) is the moving object, that is, the Y axis controls the Y direction movement of the slider, and the X axis controls the X direction movement of the slider, which is generally driven externally. In this way, the slider can complete fixed point motion and linear motion in plane coordinates.
Running track range of cross slide
1) Realize left and right, up and down movement
2) Achieve left and right, front and back movement
Cross slide structure
Structural form of ball screw: the transmission is realized by the ball screw, with high precision, long service life, less speed than the synchronous belt, good load bearing, and the longest stroke is not comparable to the synchronous belt structure
Structural form of synchronous belt: transmission is realized through synchronous belt: fast speed, customized long stroke, good precision without screw rod structure, and synchronous belt is a consumable.
Characteristics of XY gantry cross slide table
1) One of the simplest structures for left-right, up and down, or forward and backward, left-right moving and grabbing is relatively low-cost.
2) There are many options for placing the workpiece, including Z-axis, X-axis and Y-axis, to meet the requirements of non-standard customization of the manipulator.
3) This structure can be flexibly matched and versatile.
Application scope of XY gantry cross slide
The cross slide is mainly used in the automation industry, mainly concentrated in several major industries:
Medical machinery industry: inspection equipment, testing equipment.
Plane processing machinery industry: spraying machinery, dispensing machinery, gluing machinery, etc
Logistics industry: automatic cargo classification machinery, warehouse management machinery, etc.
Equipment transformation industry: manipulator equipment, production line equipment.
Instructions for type selection of XY gantry cross slide
1) Effective stroke and load of Z-axis, the fastest speed. (Or called Y-axis travel and maximum speed)
2) X axis effective travel, the fastest speed.



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