XY Linear Gantry System was Finished for Client from New Zealand

XY Linear Gantry System from Tallman Robotics Limited has been finished and will be delivered to client from New Zealand.

How to measure the accuracy of linear module &XY Linear Gantry System?

Linear module is a mechanical part of linear transmission. It has wide application fields, easy installation and high precision. However, linear module & XY Linear Gantry System is only an instrument, and the oscillation produced by long-term work will also change its accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention from time to time to see whether its accuracy is still at the local level originally set. So, how to measure the accuracy of linear module?

Method 1: when measuring the accuracy of the positioning accuracy linear module & XY Linear Gantry System, take its larger stroke as the reference length, and then mark it with the absolute value of the larger error between the distance from the reference orientation to practice and the command value.

Method 2: repeated positioning accuracy: repeatedly locate any point on the linear module in the same direction, and then measure the dead center direction. After servo electric cylinder, calculate one-half of the larger difference of meter reading as the inspection criterion. Then, detect the azimuth separation at the center and roughly both ends of the moving distance, take the larger value in the inspection value as the measured value, and mark it with half of the larger difference with positive and negative.

Method 3: for working parallelism, place a standard ruler on the platform of high-quality and durable linear module & XY Linear Gantry System, measure and check the scale limit that the experimental indicator can move with the inner slider, and the large difference in the reading within the moving scale limit of linear motor is the measured value.

Method 4: to measure the accuracy of the clearance linear module & XY Linear Gantry System , first feed the inner slider, and take the reading of the experimental indicator when the slider just moves as the benchmark. Take this as the preliminary. Without relying on the feeding equipment, the micro electric steel applies the load in the same direction as the moving direction of the inner slider, and then take the difference between the reference value at the preliminary inspection and the azimuth at the return as the measured value. The accuracy check of linear module is carried out in the direction of the center and roughly both ends of the moving part, and the larger value of the obtained value is taken as the measured value.

Linear module is an automatic mechanical instrument, which is not as flexible as manual machinery. Therefore, in practical work, it is necessary to master the change of its accuracy, so it is necessary to use the above methods to measure linear module. Together, the orthogonal manipulator must select the linear module with guaranteed quality in order to ensure the basic accuracy of the linear module.

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