XYZ Gantry Manipulators are ready for Delivery to UK

XYZ Gantry Manipulators from Tallman Robotics are finished and will be transported to UK.

In the process of automatic production, all kinds of automation usually complete the single task process by selecting and operating the single axis electric workbench or multi axis workbench module, XYZ Gantry Manipulators and install the workpiece on the moving slider of the workbench. You can complete your conversion. So how to choose this kind of automation equipment or XYZ Gantry Manipulators? Look at these points before choosing Linear Modules.

First, let’s consider the positioning accuracy of the surface of XYZ Gantry Manipulators . This precision generally refers to the repeated motion precision of the slider, that is, the distance from the origin to the destination when the module reciprocates and then returns to the destination. The repeated positioning accuracy of different driving modes of the electric workbench varies greatly. For example, the ball screw drive is more accurate and stable than the synchronous belt drive. In addition, please note that the high-precision ball screw needs to be operated by servo motor instead of stepping motor. This is because the motor with low control accuracy is difficult to realize the function of sliding table.

Then let’s look at the maximum load requirements that XYZ Gantry Manipulators can handle. Since the load is mainly concentrated on the conductor and guide rail, and the horizontal operation is larger than the vertical or horizontal operation, how does our electric workbench operate before looking at the load? You must check whether you need a long suspension arm at work.
Finally, let’s look at the combination of multi axis modules. In this case, it is also recommended to pay attention to the component load and length suspension of the multi axis module itself, and consult the electric slide rail manufacturer to ensure the stable operation of the multi axis equipment.

DMS series linear module adopts high-precision and high-quality ball screw and linear guide rail. The shell adopts high rigidity and light aluminum alloy profile, which has the characteristics of high precision, quiet operation, stable operation and long service life. Long, low price and high cost performance, which is helpful to solve the problems of vibration and noise during the operation of meter module.

Single shaft motor worktable is often used to simplify linear reciprocating automatic motion. If more complex planar motion operation is required, multi axis joint operation is required, but the cross worktable is widely used and simplified. It is a multi axis module. Today I will explain such a cross electric workbench device and some operations.

This is a cross shaped worktable, which is composed of two linear modules in the x-axis direction and Y-axis direction. Because its shape is similar to China’s “10”, the cross electric workbench can be used as a coordinate axis workbench or. The commonly used leveling device operation is called XY axis worktable, which is the most widely used multi axis modular module in the automation industry. In a simple combination form, single point or multi-point positioning requirements can be realized, and the horizontal and side horizontal layout of the workbench are also different.

In order to complete the fixed-point movement in the plane coordinates and make the slider move in a straight line, the x-axis is fixed on the y-axis workbench by the cross electric workbench, so the slider on the x-axis is the moving target, this is named as XYZ Gantry Manipulators. In the x-direction movement, the y-direction movement of the slider is controlled by the y-axis. The slider can be controlled by the x-axis. The motion method is generally completed by external drive. Therefore, I want to talk about the equipment of cross electric workbench, but generally speaking, single axis electric workbench is used for x-axis and y-axis respectively. There is also a connecting plate, which is the connecting part of the two tables. All you have to do is fix the equipment on the working platform with the screws provided by the manufacturer. Then install the servo motor and travel switch for operation.

Generally, pre use inspection is not required. The meter manufacturer has passed every inspection, so there is no need for special inspection. You may need to sneak. XYZ Gantry Manipulators must be praised for its cleanliness and good lubricity. In addition, in order to prevent the habit of shadow generation in front of the platform, please activate it at low speed (minimize the magnification) or at the operating speed of the equipment.

XYZ Gantry Manipulators are widely used in automatic production and machine tools. It has been used in measurement, laser welding, laser cutting, coating machine, painting machine, drilling machine, gluing machine, small CNC machine tools, milling machines, etc. Generally used in rolling mill, wire drawing machine, cutting machine, conveyor, classifier, testing machine, application education and other places. Now it’s best to talk directly with the sales engineer about how to select the correct electric meter, and quickly check the type and type of meter, combination method and part requirements as needed.



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