XYZ Gantry System is Finished for Indian User

XYZ Gantry System for an India project is finished.

Mechanical arm of gantry XYZ three-axis sliding table module is composed of four groups of sliding tables: Double x-axis, Y-axis and z-axis. One of the x-axis can be replaced by an auxiliary rail or auxiliary (the sliding table without transmission mechanism such as screw rod or belt only uses its load-bearing function) to save the cost of the enterprise.

Modular XYZ Gantry System provides maintenance free and low-cost automation solutions
With the increasing demand for electric regulation and the reduction of installation space, many application systems need and find customized solutions. XYZ Gantry System provides personalized or standardized variants.

All the advantages of XYZ gantry robots:
• express setup
• Install the limit switch along the entire T-slot
• Modular kit ready to use with cantilever shaft
Typical application areas:
• Measurement and testing
• Handling and assembly technology
• Identify microelectronics and medical technology
• Handling task of small parts
• Simplify task processing

X-Y-Z motion system
XYZ Gantry System used for automated manufacturing, inspection and medical imaging must continuously and repeatedly measure, locate or manipulate components, or scan an area at a constant speed, so as to reliably complete the task at hand.
With its stable structure and strong thrust, gantry XYZ axis slide module is widely used in handling, assembly, testing, packaging, grinding, stacking and spraying equipment.

Just install the workpieces required by various industries on its slider and set a set of appropriate programs to realize the automatic circular linear movement of workpieces, commonly known as automatic manipulator.We use precision components as the core of our electromechanical components to create a customized X-Y-Z motion system with high throughput, high precision and repeatability, so as to customize an unparalleled solution for your needs.

Cartesian coordinate robot, XYZ three-axis cantilever slide, three-axis combined manipulator,
XYZ multi axis linear module workbench is a non-standard customized product. Multi axis customized production can be carried out according to user needs, such as two axis polar coordinates, two axis cross slide and three-axis cantilever. This type of multi axis manipulator can be used alone or connected into an automatic production line.

XYZ Gantry System adopts the combination of gantry structure linear module, original imported ball screw drive, fully enclosed IP4X dust-proof grade, and high rigid aluminum profile body is more durable; With high-precision control servo motor drive, positioning is more accurate; Using dialogue interface teaching box control system, multi axis control is simple and convenient. This product uses modular design, which is simple and convenient for installation and later maintenance.

Application of XYZ Gantry System: precision positioning detection, dispensing, coating and spraying, CCD image visual detection, automatic soldering screw, handling, moving and grasping, laser displacement detection, laser precision machining and professional teaching experiments.
Applicable industries: precision assembly, precision machine tools, FPD industry, semiconductor production equipment, laser processing, medical equipment, electronic manufacturing, 3D printing equipment, teaching and experimental equipment and other industries.

Tallman Robotics is a technology company focusing on the production and R & D of high-precision linear motion mechanism platform. It mainly focuses on the R & D and production services of linear modules and related equipment. It has a wide range of product types and has a variety of linear module models to choose from, such as ball screw module (semi closed series and fully closed series), synchronous belt module series, gear rack module series and steel-based module series, The higher precision linear motion unit has linear motor (linear motor), and the repeated positioning accuracy is as high as ± 0.001mm. At the same time, we provide linear module platform and related configuration equipment, such as photoelectric switch, servo motor and controller. For more product business, please consult our sales.



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