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XYZ Linear Gantry Robots will be Delivered to Italy

XYZ Linear Gantry Robots from Tallman Robotics will be finished for client from Italy. For delivery of this order, you can check news menu in home page.

We got client’s technical data as follows:

The system of XYZ Linear Gantry Robots will have to work at low speeds and light gripping load, so no particular performance is required with this Gantry Robots .
CARTESIAN ROBOT XYZ – Belt transmission
Type of configuration:
-P&P AXES X, Y and Z.
-Gripper with suction cups.
-Motorized rotary actuator.
-Planetary gearboxes.
-Motorization package with Brushless servomotors with Profinet control.
-Portal capacity: 5 Kg;
-Environment: clean;

Positioning repeatability: 0,2 mm Max;

-Speed: 1 Meter/Second
Work Strokes:
X axis: 3600mm
Y axis: 3400mm
Z axis: 1500mm
Double X axis complete with synchronization shaft.
Y axis equipped with interface plates for mounting on X
axis. Z axis equipped with interface plates for mounting on Y axis.
Rotary actuator equipped with interface plates for mounting on Z axis.
Gripper with suction cup equipped with interface plates for mounting on
rotary actuator.
Material Required for the Structure:
Qty: 02 – Belt linear unit – stroke 3600mm. [horizontal X].
Qty: 01 – Belt linear unit – stroke 3400mm. [horizontal transverse Y].
Qty: 01 – Belt linear unit – stroke 1500mm. [vertical Z].
Qty: 01 – Axis interface flange kit.
Qty: 01 – Synchronization shaft kit with extension and couplings.
Qty: 04 – Reducer interface bell.
Qty: 03 – Set of cable chains with separators, complete with supports.
Qty: 10 – M12 proximity sensors complete with brackets.
Qty: 01 – Motorized rotary actuator.
Qty: 01 – Gripper with suction cups complete with vacuum pump and vacuum switch.
Motorization with 240V brushless servo motors with Profinet command Consisting of:
• Qty: 03 XY servomotor
• Qty: 01 Servomotor with Z brake
• Qty: 01 PLC or Controller
• Qty: 04 Drive / Drive – Profinet command.
• Qty: 04 Cable Kit L = 10mt.
• Qty: 04 Planetary gearboxes.

I would need a rough estimate on this XYZ Linear Gantry Robots, so we can then deepen the details for the supply. Thank you.

We design solution to this XYZ Linear Gantry Robots as follows and will provide XYZ Linear Gantry Robots Modules, Planetary Gear Reducer:

You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects of XYZ Linear Gantry Robots or other products.

Modular XYZ gantry robot, providing maintenance free, low-cost automation solutions
The demand for electric regulation is growing day by day, and the installation space is reduced. Many application systems need and look for customized solutions. Tallman Robotics XYZ gantry robot, providing personalized or standardized variants, delivered within 24 hours.
All advantages of YZ gantry robot:
Application and Implementation of 3D Linear Robot
Fast setup
Install along the entire T-slot, limit switch
Modular out of the box kit with cantilever shaft

Typical application fields:
Measurement and Testing
Handling and assembly technology
Identify microelectronics and medical technology
Handling task of small parts
Simplify task processing