XZ Linear Stages are delivered to Denmark

XZ Linear Stages/2 axis linear stages have been delivered to Denmark before Chinese Lunar New Year. End client is happy to collect goods. 

XZ Linear Stage is a combination of a linear X-Axis and an angular Z-Axis which can be used to move an object in two dimensions. It is usually used in applications such as laser cutting and machining. 

2 Axis Linear Stage is a type of positioning mechanism that allows movement along two axes. It typically has two linear slides that can be used independently or in tandem to provide precise positioning along both the X and Y axes. It is commonly used in applications such as microscopy, laser processing, and semiconductor manufacturing.

XZ Linear Stages,The cross slide can be installed horizontally and vertically. The horizontal installation uses XY structure, which moves forward and backward and left and right. The vertical installation uses XZ structure, which moves up and down and left and right. Both are cross structures, but there are still great differences in use and type selection.

First of all, in terms of use, the horizontal use and vertical use of the linear sliding platform module are different. For example, for the same linear module, the horizontal load can reach 15kg, and the vertical load can only be within 3kg. When the module is horizontal and static, there is almost no tension on the belt. When the module is horizontal and dynamic, the belt needs to drive the load items and start the tension mode; When the module is vertical static, the belt has always been in tension mode. When the module is vertical dynamic, the belt bears stronger tension. If the load is too heavy, it will exceed the force range of the belt, and the belt will appear fatigue, and then it will break. The motor is also easy to lose step.

The second is the selection of cross slide. The structure used horizontally by XY on XZ is not necessarily suitable, because the Z axis moves vertically up and down. In addition to a load factor, there is also a problem of speed. The speed of vertical movement should not be too fast. Generally, it is fast if it exceeds 500mm per second. In addition, the Z-axis needs to be equipped with a motor with a brake so that the slider can automatically stop moving. The module used for horizontal movement load 5KG, vertical movement requires 60 modules, and the module used for horizontal movement load 10KG, but vertical movement requires more than 80 modules.

The horizontal motion and vertical motion of the sliding platform module/XZ Linear Stages are essentially different.

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